The journey of model Jess Hart from a meat eater to a totally vegan lifestyle! Does she like it?

Model Jess Hart has a graceful, gorgeous body. She has been on the cover of several glossy fashion magazines and walked the ramp for many brands and designers. Additionally, she has sailed around the world in a luxurious way. She opted to go vegan and loves this new lifestyle.

Jess Hart and her food style

Jess was a meat eater but has now joined the group of vegan eaters. She revealed:

“I was a big meat eater growing up,”

Furthermore, she added:

“My mum actually brought us up vegetarian, but I loved meat so much that I would always have it on my plate. I loved meat pies and chicken! Mum would make me eat them on the porch!.”

Jess (Source: Daily Mail UK)

Her switchover to a vegan lifestyle came as part of a deal with her boyfriend NASCAR driver James Kirkham. She wanted him to get sober and in return she would take up veganism. Jess revealed:

“Something about being with James though, made me think more about what I was eating and putting into my body. So we made a deal and I’ve not really ever looked back!”

The reason for Jess’ veganism

Jess is aware that going vegan helps animals and the environment. But she explained:

“At first, being vegan for me was largely about health, although, let’s face it – there is plenty of unhealthy vegan food out there! I do try to avoid the highly processed, packaged stuff.”

Jess and James (Source: Daily Mail UK)

And she added:

“James says he will show me one day why he is fully vegan [with documentaries like Dominion and Earthlings], but right now I am doing it for my health. I know I will get there with the animals and environment, but right now this is where I am on my journey and I know by rushing things I will only set myself up for failure.”

Does Jess enjoy veganism?

And Jess is loving her vegan lifestyle. She said:

“I started doing a master cleanse at first and detox, which was a great way to kick start a cleaner way of eating. But now, yeah, I really think it is just an amazingly positive way of life, where I know I’m ultimately living a great lifestyle and it’s also a great way to learn, to play with what I eat and to learn new ways with food.”

Jess (Source: The Fashion Spot)

It is easy for her since she resides in New York where there are a lot of vegan restaurants. Jess stated:

“However, If I am at an event I will ask for the vegan option and at dinner, there is always a vegan option. Sometimes it’s amazing; other times it’s boring, so I eat before I go out, just in case! I do eat out all the time – a lot of Asian food, and you can always find something vegan in Asian menus. I think I might move to LA next year and I’m looking forward to the huge vegan scene there.”

Jess eats avocado, spinach, rice, and gluten-free toast.

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