Motherhood!! Amber Portwood Talks About Her 9-year-old Daughter Leah And Her Custody; Find Out What She Has To Say?

Amber Portwood is the mother of a 9-year-old daughter Leah. After splitting up from her ex-fiance, she is now taking another important step in her life.

As having a separated parent, Leah has to go back and forth to spend time with both of her parents. As she is growing up now it is time for her to make some important decisions. Scroll down to find out more details about her daughter and the custody.

Amber Portwood opens up about the custody of her daughter

After being the separated parents, the important thing comes is the custody of the child. According to Amber, her Leah can make the decision while it comes to spending time with her separated parents.

Talking to the US Weekly, Amber opened up about her daughter:

“She’s getting older and it’s becoming to the point where she kind of decides when she wants to go back and forth and what she wants to do, which is a great thing. It’s easier that way, you know?”

Teem Mom star shares the custody of her daughter Leah with ex-fiance Gary Shirley and his wife, Kristina Anderson. After her split-up with her ex-fiance, Amber has moved on with her beau Andrew Glennon. The couple is expecting their first baby together.

Though the split-up the ex-couple is still in the good term. Talking about her relationship with her ex, she talked to the US saying:

“There’s no fighting, no anything like that. Andrew just wants me to be happy and when he sees Gary saying certain things and I’m crying or I’m really sad about it … it hurts him and it does make him angry, but he stays out of it as much as he can because it’s really not his place to be in between that. But he does want me to be happy and, you know, he’s a strong man. So he opens up his mouth, but yeah, not anything crazy or anything like that.”

Furthermore, she also addressed her relationship with her beau. Amber mentioned that Andrew is more protective of her especially during her pregnancy. More of that she added:

“He’s super protective over how I feel, so he doesn’t appreciate the things that [Gary] says about me because he feels like he knows me better because, you know, being with me every day.”

She also addressed that Kristina commenting about the adoption of Leah is absolutely ridiculous.  Moreover talking about her and Andrew’s connection with Leah, she mentioned:

“It’s really hurtful that they connected with me not seeing Leah because of my depression to me being with Andrew … So it’s hurtful and it also makes me angry to make me thing they’re talking behind my back like that as though I’m just a mom who doesn’t care about my child which is absolutely absurd.”

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Update: Andrew and Amber’s son James Andrew Glennon was born on 8th May 2018.

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