While doing MTV’s reality show, Floribama Shore, Nilsa Prowant made a confession, She was going through divorce, says, ‘The guy I married just turned out to be not what I thought he was.’

Nilsa Prowant is a television personality who was renowned for the MTV’s reality show, Floribama Shore in the year 2017. After seeing her on the show, people fell in love with her and her fan following started ascending rapidly.

Nilsa revealed that she was going through the divorce when she was doing the show. So let us know about her life in detail.

Married in 20

Nilsa was in a relationship when she was a teenager with James Anderson. She got married to him when she was 20. They married on 1 December 2014. They were so much in love that she thought her life is complete. Also, her parents loved him very much. She said,

“We were so in love, and he was so good — literally, I thought he was going to be the guy for me forever. He was amazing and my parents loved him.”


It is said when it is not meant to be, it does not stay. The same thing happened with this couple. She thought that the person was the one who will be her love forever. But when she had a miscarriage, the problems started arising in their life and serious fights started arising in between them. Then they separated on 22 September 2016.

She had to take care of herself all alone after her miscarriage. He also cheated on her. She explained,

“The guy I married just turned out to be not what I thought he was.”

Then they decided to separate and her legal procedures were going on. When she was on the show, Floribama Shore, she was going through the divorce from following three years. She said,

“He still has debt that he’s trying to screw me over with. We have some legal issues going on, but we’re legally divorced. It was in our separation agreement that he had to pay off some credit cards, and I’m getting calls that he never did it. He’s already dating some other girl and we haven’t even been divorced for like a month. He was already dating a girl before we were legally divorced, so that’s another situation.”


She also said that he did cheat on her while he was in the military. She feels that whatever happened, happened for good. If the child would have been born, the situation would have been worse dealing with the husband having extra-marital affair. She stated,

“It really did [help]. I never would have taken the time away from social media and seeing my ex doing his own thing and away from TV to really sit and feel the feelings that you need to feel whenever you go through a breakup.”

Finally, they legally separated on 31 October 2017.

The reality show also helped her to deal with the situation,

“I would have never done that if I didn’t go on the show, because we didn’t have phones or TV. All we had was each other and it was like a summer-long therapy session for me, because everywhere you looked there was always someone willing to listen — so I’m very grateful.”

Her New Boyfriend

Nilsa says that after doing the TV show, it has helped her a lot in her personal life. She also found the new love of her life. However, his name is not revealed but his features are,

“barrel-chested freedom fighter,” whom she referred to as someone “special.” “It’s very new and fresh. It’s not official or anything. We haven’t even talked about what we are.”

Short Bio on Nilsa Prowant

Nilsa Prowant is an American actress. She is a reality television personality who appeared in 2017 MTV series ‘Floribama Shore’. Previously, she worked as a makeup artist. More Bio…