Narwhal-the puppy with an additional tail on the forehead! Does the tail wag and will it grow further?

Nature is never tired of surprising us with its wonders. The latest is a 10-week old puppy named Narwhal whom Mac’s Mission, the dog rescue nonprofit organization in Missouri rescued last Saturday. This little pup has a tail on his forehead. Does it wag? Will it grow with him? Read on for the answers.

Narwhal and his forehead tail

Narwhal is a small 10-week old puppy who is born with a congenital anomaly. He has a tail on his forehead since birth. His full name is “Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn”. That is the term that Mac’s Mission, the dog rescue nonprofit organization in Missouri who rescued the puppy has named him.

Narwhal has a non-wagging tail on his forehead (Source:CNN)

The dog rescuers discovered him last Saturday and took him into their shelter home. He was exposed to extreme freezing cold and had the start of a frostbite in one paw.

How the name for Narwhal came up?

There is a rare type of whale called Narwhal whale which has a canine tooth protruding out like a tusk. Hence the dog rescue team decided to name the puppy Narwhal due to the resemblance. But the puppy’s forehead tail is rather short and stubby compared to the tusk-like protuberance of the whale. The puppy’s tail on the forehead is also right in the center in between its two eyes. When the puppy is playing, the tail moves from side to side. But the puppy cannot wag this tail like the normal tail which it also has. But whether this forehead tail would grow with the puppy’s size is anyone’s guess now.

What Mac’s Mission has to say about Narwhal?

Mac’s Mission is a special dog rescue center which works on non-profit basis. It specializes in special needs dogs and deals with those who have been abused or born with defects since birth. Their workers stated that Narwhal is on the road to recovery. His frostbite is healing and has revealed signs of improvement. The organization posted on their Facebook page:

“He seems completely healthy other than some usual puppy worms he got meds for,”

Narwhal was, found with another dog mist probably his father (Source: CNN)

Narwhal was rescued along with a fog whom the vets believe may be his father. This dog is called Poppa Smurf and is a Daschund Terrier mix. So the organization workers believe that Narwhal also genetically has some Daschund in him.

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A spokesperson for the organization told CNN:

“Narwhal is from rural Missouri in the Midwest, and loves to play — and now, he has thousands of fans online, after his special tail catapulted him to internet fame.”

The online attention has been so much that the staff feel like it is some dream they are seeing.

More about Narwhal’s forehead tail

The vets conducted an investigation on the defect of the puppy. They took an X-ray of the part and found that fortunately the forehead tail is not connected internally to anything vital. The tail is of no use to the puppy. It is rudimentary and serves no purpose. But at the same time, it also causes no harm to the puppy. There is no associated pain or problems due to it. Hence there is no indication to remove it. It may well be left alone, the vets feel.

Narwhal is not yet ready for adoption (Source: Twitter)

The Facebook post of the organization mentioned further:

“The unicorn face tail does not bother Narwhal and he never slows down just like any normal puppy,”

Is Narwhal going for adoption?

The dog rescue center said that Narwhal is not yet ready for the adoption process since his frostbite has not healed. But his online fans are already expressing their desire to take him into their homes. Fifty adoption applications are already in for him. But the vets feel that he should get his due vaccinations and grow a little more before they give him up to someone. Also they would like to watch his tail on the forehead for some more time to know whether it is growing or causing him some problem in due course.

“Everyone is super interested in him but we are hopeful they are seeing the other available dogs as well!”