Natalia Diamante Bryant Biography

(Aspiring Volleyball player)

Natalia Diamante Bryant is an aspiring volleyball player.

More about the relationship

Natalia Diamante Bryant is single. Even if she is dating anyone, there is no information about her romantic interest.

Relationship Facts of Natalia Diamante Bryant

  • Natalia Diamante Bryant is not having an affair with anyone presently.
  • Her sexual orientation is straight.

Who is Natalia Diamante Bryant?

Natalia Diamante Bryant is an aspiring American volleyball player. Natalia Diamante Bryant is the daughter of the late legendary and beloved NBA player, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Natalia plays #11 with the CIF League, Sage Hill Lighting of Sage Hill High School. She also plays club volleyball with the MambaBallers.

Natalia has been signed by an international modeling agency IMG Models.

Natalia Diamante Bryant- Birth Age, Early Life

Natalia Diamante Bryant was born January 19, 2003, in Los Angeles, California, USA. Natalia Diamante Bryant is the first of the four daughters of the esteemed NBA basketball player, Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Marie Cornejo-Urbieta Bryant. Her younger siblings are Bianka Bella, Capri, and the late Gianna Maria.

Diamante grew up in Los Angeles in California with her three younger sisters – Bianka Bella Bryant born on 5 December 2016, Capri Kobe Bryant born on 20 June 20. 2019, and the late Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant born on 1 May 2006. She died on 26 January 2020.

Natalie, Gianna Maria, Bianka Bella, and Capri Kobe are the granddaughters of the celebrities Joe Bryant, Pam Bryant, Stephen Laine, and Sofia Laine, and the great-niece of John “Chubby” Cox.

She is the granddaughter of Joe Bryant and great-niece of John “Chubby” Cox.

Tragically, her father the late legendary NBA basketball player, 41 year-old Kobe Bryant and younger sister, Gianna were killed on 26 January 2020 in a plane crash near Calabasas, California.

Natalia Diamante Bryant- Education, Beginnings

Natalia studies at Sage Hill High School in Los Angeles, California. At junior school, she played volleyball and now she plays middle hitter for her high school volleyball team.

Natalia Diamante Bryant- Professional Career

As a volleyball freshman in the first season, Bryant studies in High School and competes in volleyball with Team Sage Hill School. She is Jersey #11, and her position is that of middle hitter. Since she joined Sage Hill High, Bryant has improved significantly and doing well as a sophomore. She helped her team win the second title straight. She also plays club volleyball for the MambaBallers. This is in spite of her father’s love for all things basketball and his fame as NBA player, Bryant prefers to play volleyball.

Natalia Diamante Bryant- The Athlete

Natalia loves volleyball like the way her father loved basketball. The highlight of the games posted on the web made her a hit with young, teenage athletes all around the world. Natalia and her team have won a few volleyball games. Natalia Diamante Bryant also plays for the club MambaBallers. Her passion for volleyball is seen in all the games she plays- with the Team inside and outside High School.

The Person

Her middle name Diamante’ means Diamond. Furthermore, she loves her two aunties Shaya Bryant and Sharia Bryant. Shaya and Sharia are Kobe Bryant’s sisters. She is now applying for college and sports scholarships. She is on the lookout for a suitable university that will give her the career of her dreams to be a volleyball player.

On Natalia’s 16th birthday in 2018, Kobe Bryant posted a picture of himself and Natalia and captioned it with “Happy 16th Birthday my baby! I am proud of what you have become today.” Kobe loved his Diamond Princess.

On 19 January 2020, her father wished a happy birthday through his Instagram. He captioned the photo with hashtag, her age and signed it. In this picture, Natalia wears a beautiful red dress with a matching pair of high heels. Furthermore, she has a heart shaped chain. Natalie looks marvelous in that dress.

Kobe never stopped talking about Natalie, or as Kimmel of ‘Kimmel Live’ remarked to Kobe on live TV, that Natalie is ‘a chip off the ol’ block’.

Natalia and three younger sisters Gianna 13, Bianka, 3, and six-month-old Capri celebrated  Christmas together as a family on 25th December 2019 with their mom Vanessa Marie and dad Kobe. This was the last Christmas they family would celebrate with the beloved Kobe, and Gianna.

Natalia turned 17 years a week before her father died in a helicopter crash including her baby sister, little Gianna  on January 19, 2003. A week before the crash, she celebrated her 17th birthday with her father Kobe, mother Vanessa Marie, sisters Gianna Maria and Capri Kobe.

Family Tragedy

On January 26, 2020, Bryant’s 41-year-old father Kobe Bryant and 13-year-old sister Gianna were killed in a helicopter crash near Calabasas, California.

Now, the Kobe family is in mourning. In this difficult hour, Natalie, her mom, and the remaining members of the Kobe family are overwhelmed by the love and admiration shown by all for the beloved Kobe Bryant. Many celebrities, including the president of USA, Donald Trump, and active, former presidents paid tribute via social media.

USA President Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted on January 26, 2020-

…..Melania and I send our warmest condolences to Vanessa and the wonderful Bryant family. May God be with you all!

Natalia Diamante Bryant-Height Weight, Volleyball Player Stats

Natalia has black hair and eyes. Her height is 5 ft. 10’ and her weight is 59 kg. Her shoe size is 7 US. Her official Volleyball Player Status is

Jersey #11

League CIF

Team Sage Hill Lightning

Position Middle Hitter

Natalia Diamante Bryant- Net Worth

Natalia’s personal net worth is $100 K US. Her personal earnings as an aspiring volleyball player are $35 K in the first season of professional volleyball.

Natalia Diamante Bryant- Social Media

Natalie has 789.5 likes on her Instagram. Viewers find most of Kobe’s messages on her web page. One of the most popular on her Instagram is where on her 16th birthday, her beloved daddy Kobe Bryant posted ‘Happy 16th Birthday my baby! I’m beyond proud of the young woman you have become.’


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