Where is Natalia Kills, the X Factor New Zealand judge who was fired for her hate comments towards Joe Irvine?

Natalia Kills was a Judge on X Factor New Zealand in 2015. Her husband Willy Moon was also on the panel of Judges. But both were extremely hateful of Joe Irvine’s performance. Simon Cowell, the chief judge fired her from the show. Where is Natalia Kills now?

Natalia Kills and the hateful comments

Joe Irvine was a contestant on the show X-Factor New Zealand show in 2015. Natalia Kills and her husband Willy Moon were also on the judging panel. After Joe’s performance, Natalia had only negative words for him. She disgraced him miserably calling his actions disgusting. She added that he had no identity.

Her husband Willy compared Joe to the fictional murderer Norman Bates. Joe did not show his dismay on his face and only smiled as the two continued to abuse him verbally.

Additionally, the audience was upset with their ‘hate-filled’ opinion on Joe and booed as they talked. Judge Melanie Blatt intervened and told Joe that he had dressed better than Willy.

Simon Cowell fires Natalia

The producer of X Factor Simon Cowell described Natalia’s hateful comments of Joe as sounding madness. Besides, the couple had neither apologized to Joe nor to the assembled crowd in the studio or the public. This was disrespectful of them and he failed to understand their defensive acts.

Simon himself is very frank in his opinions of the contestants but never as ruthless as the English singer Natalia nor her New Zealand singer husband Willy. He too felt that their comments were too lowly.

Fans offer support

The audience booed both Natalia and Willy while they were tearing Joe apart. This itself was a signal that they did not like what Natalia and Willy were saying about Joe. Besides, on social media, the fans of Joe poured their support for him. They also started a petition to fire the rude judges from the show which eventually happened. Singer Lorde sent Joe a gift of cupcakes and a sweet note.

Singer Ellie Goulding also supported Joe and called the judge couple as mean.

The whereabouts of Natalia Kills

The mean singer could not have any success after she was sacked from the judging panel of the show X Factor New Zealand. She changed her stage name to Teddy Sinclair. And after her firing, her record label also broke their ties with her.

Natalia tried a comeback by forming a band called Cruel Youth along with her husband Willy in 2016. But the band flopped as well. She does some solo music but her fan base is extremely small; not like the one, she had before.

If we talk about Joe, on the other hand, he had the support of the audience with him. He did not win the show but continues to perform at some small music venues around New Zealand. Besides, Joe shared his experience on the show via a song that he wrote. In the song, he also told about how he felt when both Natalia and Willy were giving him verbal abuse.

Source: Talent Recap