Nathaniel Buzolic is still having dating affair with his french girlfriend or ended the relationship?

Love is magical or it is just blind. Love is in the air and it is unpredictable. Everyone has love feeling and emotion. Love is an overwhelming experience which overcomes age, language and all kinds of human-made barriers. Actor Nathaniel Buzolic got struck by passionate love with a French woman with whom he excluded all sort of hurdles including those of language and distance. Is the actor sincerely head over heels in love with the woman till date or has he moved to a new lady?

The relationship is still alive or ended?

In the year 2014, Nathaniel got into a long distance relationship with a French woman named Lorna Saline. The relationship started when Nathaniel was on holiday in Paris.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Nathaniel spoke about his exhilarating experience when he saw Lorna. He mentioned:

“She was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen, and I said to myself, if I don’t talk to her I am going to regret it for the rest of my life. So I stumbled over and tried to have a conversation with her. When I realized she didn’t speak any English and I didn’t speak any French, I knew it was going to be difficult.”

The love between the two excluded the entire language barrier despite having difficulty in speaking language for the lady knew no English while the man knew no French. They sustained their long-distance relationship by using Google translator and frequently visiting France and Los Angeles.

Back in November 2015, Nathaniel confronted his meeting with Lorna and having their first day out in front of Eiffel Tower through his social media. The fan followers took the revelation in excitement and congratulated him.


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They ended the relationship

Unfortunately, after a year of dating Lorna, the actor disclosed about separating with her in March 2015. The downfall gave a blow to his followers for they had expected the relationship to get converted into marriage. But his fans left no stone unturned to console him. After the confirmation of break up with the woman, the actor spoke nothing regarding the real reasons for the separation while no current dating details of Lorna got identified. Nathaniel shares no children with Lorna. Further, Nathaniel was living a single life, until he stated about his unexplained girlfriend through his Twitter back in 2016. The star has not accurately disclosed the actual relationship shared with the woman, but with the availability of so many pictures of the woman, there remains an intense speculation on the relationship between Alice and Nathaniel.

Why they end the relationship?

Maybe the star is keeping the relationship with the woman hidden to avoid the unwanted scandals or else the star wants to keep a low-key relationship with the woman with the fear that after the breakup he’ll have to face serious media trauma. Well, whatever may be the case, hopefully, the actor finds a perfect partner to share the remaining of his life. Back in the year 2012, he was rumored to be in a relationship with pop musician Delta Goodrem. No dating events between the two got disclosed nor were they caught in an absurd or intimate moment.

Does Buzolic have any other relationship apart from French girlfriend?

Further, Delta has got caught in the speculation for dating Hugh Sheridan in 2017. While Nathaniel has not disclosed about his prior relationship, but that doesn’t portray him to be gay for he was in a relationship with a French girl and none of his gay relationships ever surfaced in the media.

Update on Nathaniel’s love life

Nathaniel was rumored to be in a relationship with Danielle Campbell and fans were also convinced that there was something off-screen as well between the two but it looks like that things did not materialize and Nathaniel is most probably single now.

Short Bio on Nathaniel Buzolic

Nathaniel Buzolic is an Australian actor. He is also known for his role as Kol Mikaelson on the CW series. The Vampire Diaries and who previously had a regular role on BBC out of the Blue. He was born on  August 4, 1983, in Sydney, Australia. He was also a co-host of the educational show Weather Ed on The Weather Channel. He was the host of Nine Network’s late-night television quiz show The Mint. More bio…