Nema Vand recalls some highschool memories of Meghan Markle! 6 quick facts about him

Nema Vand recalls some highschool memories of Meghan Markle! 6 quick facts about him

Nema Vand is the executive and self-professed man. Nema worked on the TV series Shahs of Sunset. It is the show which features a group of Persian-American friends, six of them in total, and how they juggle the tasks of everyday life centring around their social lives, family, and careers.

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Nema Vand and Meghan Markle high school days

Nema Vand grew up with Meghan Markle. He opened up about his high school friendship with the Duchess of Sussex on the latest episode of the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast. He said that she grew up with her and they were friends for a long time. Meghan was older than him.

Nema Vand and Meghan Markle
Nema Vand and Meghan Markle (Source: Paige Six)

Nema revealed,

“We were at a party one time and she sat on my lap. She got nose-to-nose with me. For a 16-year-old guy, that is an emotional moment. She said to me in Farsi, ‘You are so beautiful.’ I asked her, ‘How do you know Farsi?’ She said, ‘I learned it for you.’ Then she walked away.”

He recalled that she was a sweet person and many people loved her. Similarly, he hopes that Meghan watches his series Shahs of Sunset. Finally, he added,

“And by the way, if Meghan Markle is listening, I am going to say this one time. Meghan, you really upset our friend Gabe,”

As Meghan dated his friend Gabe in high school.

Nema Vand and Scheana Shay

In April 2020, Scheana Shay opened up about dating Nema Vand. She said,

“It was about a little more than a year ago… about six dates,”

Nema Vand and Scheana Shay
Nema Vand and Scheana Shay (Source: Reality Blurb)

She added,

“And I just wasn’t in the place to be in a relationship. I was going through all of the Adam [Spott] stuff. I had just froze my eggs.”

Scheana claimed that she was not ready for more in the relationship. She thinks that he was an amazing guy. They dated for less time and that did not get serious. Scheana is a TV personality who has worked as a star in Bravo TV series Vanderpump Rules.

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Quick Facts about Nema Vand

1) Nema Vand was born in 1988 in Los Angeles, California.

2) Nema is an animal lover. He has a dog named Jax. He posts pictures of his dog on his Instagram account.

Nema Vand dog
Nema Vand’s dog (Source: Instagram)

3) His favourite actor is Dwayne Johnson and his favourite actress is Jennifer Lawrence.

4) He likes hanging with friends, reading and travelling. His favourite place to visit is Miami.

5) He has two sisters Sarabeth and Mona with whom he grew up. His sister Mona is a Dr. of Pharmacy as per sources.

6) He has also worked as a digital marketing consultant and has worked in many popular companies.

7) Vand has around 96.2k followers on his Instagram account.

Source: TVOM, Reality Blurb, Paige Six