Newsreader Balvinder Sidhu slips out of her shoes and vanishes from the screen-an incident caught on camera and relayed later!

Newsreader Balvinder Sidhu slips out of her shoes and vanishes from the screen-an incident caught on camera and relayed later!

It was a sad but funny sight! The Good Morning Britain which aired on 5 October 2018 kicked off with a hilarious start. The newsreader Balvinder Sidhu slipped and fell on the ground and this all was caught on camera though the incident luckily happened before she went live on-air!

The newsreader Balvinder Sidhu and the slip!

Balvinder Sidhu was getting ready for her news read on GMB this Thursday morning. She came forward and was adjusting herself when she suddenly lost control and slipped off her shoes. She vanished from the TV screen and landed on the ground underneath.

The accident was got on the camera by the program’s crew and though the incident had occurred before Balvinder went live on-air, the program producers decided to ultimately show the video clip of Balvinder’s slipping and falling to the viewers for some humor and to make their morning light.

Source: Habaricloud Today (Balvinder slipping)

Her colleagues and the producer came to her help to lift her and ask her if she was hurt. Luckily, Balvinder was not hurt seriously. But the whole incident sent Ben Shephard, Kate Garraway, and Richard Arnold into giggles. The production team decided to air this video clip of Balvinder’s slip at the beginning of the show. Ben commented on it and said that she had slipped out of her shoe and hence she was sent flying off the screen and out of the view.

Source: Habari Cloud Today (Balvinder is helped by a producer)

The other humorous aspect of the GMB show

The production members decided to share this hilarious moment along with the comic moment of Donald Trump on the show. GMB also showed that Donald Trump’s shoes had toilet paper stuck to it when he was walking of Air Force One. It was another hilarious time and scene for everyone.

Source: People (Donald Trump and the toilet paper stuck on his shoe)

This week’s other hilarious moments of ITV

There is always a risk with Live TV. ITV is no exception to it. This week ITV had more of such comic scenes when British TV personality Alison Hammond accidentally pushed a sailor into the water. On the occasion of the show’s 30th anniversary, Alison was dispatched to Liverpool to procure the show’s floating weather map of UK and Ireland. This map was a staple on the morning show in earlier days.

As the show went live, firstly, Alison’s clothes got caught in a sparkly Welsh dragon nearby. She managed to release herself and then was about to make the jump from Scotland over the Northern Ireland. There were two sailors in white there to assist her. Alison miscalculated her jump and ended up pushing one of the sailors into the water and dock. Alison immediately rushed to assist the sailor and said:

“I’m so sorry!”


Source: UK Express (Alison Hammond and the sailors)

Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield were in the studio and were shocked on watching what happened. They were thrown into a fit of giggles before they composed and proceeded with the show. Holly screamed:

“She pushed him in the dock.”

Philip said:

“Put the cape around him!”

The man was helped out of the water and Alison said that his name was Chris and that he was ok.

Credit: Metro,,