Niall Aslam of Love Island leaves the show suddenly for personal and health reasons! Know his last traumatic 48 hours on the show before his exit!

Niall Aslam of Love Island leaves the show suddenly for personal and health reasons! Know his last traumatic 48 hours on the show before his exit!

Love Island cast member Niall Aslam has quit the show. It was quoted as being for personal reasons. The exact reason has now been pinpointed.

Niall Allan’s exit from the show Love Island

The participants on the show Love Island live in a huge villa. Niall had shockingly made a quick exit from the show.

His friend and co-star Dr. Alex George had stated that this quitting was for personal reasons but he had not specified the real and exact reason behind it.

Source: BBC (Niall Aslam)

ITV had also remained silent and not divulged the reason for the 24-year-old construction worker leaving the show in between.

The cause of the exit

Mirror has found out that the real reason for the exit is health-related. Niall and the bosses of the show jointly and mutually decided that it would be better for Niall leaves the show.

Dr. Alex George was given the responsibility of breaking the news of Niall’s exit from the show citing personal reasons. Niall was in the villa for a mere 9 days before calling it quits.

Source: Cosmopolitan (Niall Aslam)

He also informed all the other cast mates that the chances of a return of Niall to the villa are bleak.

Niall had suddenly fallen ill inside the villa and hence could not continue filming for the show. There would now be a recouping on the show.

Niall’s days on the show

On day one, Kendall Rae-Knight had picked him up as a partner during the coupling-up ceremony. He was getting to know Kendall gradually when the sixth male Adam Collard made an entry into the villa.

The buff personal trainer made advances toward Kendall and in the process upset Niall. Niall had openly expressed his displeasure at Adam’s acts and said that one cannot trust a person with abs like those of Adam.

Source: Metro (Niall Aslam)

Niall was deeply worried about Adam and used to call him Absey McGee. He used to compare himself negatively with Adam.

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Niall’s New friends

On the show, Niall had made friends with NHS doctor George and after Kendall was wooed by Adam, Niall had a new girlfriend Megan with whom he went on his first date.

On the date, he was nervous and had accidentally sprayed the contents everywhere when he tried to pull out a bottle of prosecco. He told Megan that he did not know what he was doing.

Source: Digitalspy (Niall Aslam with Megan)

Megan asked him about Georgia Steel with whom he was to pair. To this, Niall replied:

“Initially she was completely my type. It hasn’t been long, do you know what I mean?”

Back in the villa, Georgia was angry and upset that Megan had taken away Niall on a romantic date. Georgia was happy when her new boy Charlie asked her out.

Looking into the camera, Georgia had said:

“Charlie’s just asked me out on a date, it’s an opportunity to get to know someone away from the villa,”

She continued:

“I’m going to keep my options open see what there is there to play with. Yeah. We might get on really well. “

The Night challenge and fun

Niall was part of the Truth or Dare challenge but sat quietly at the end of the table. Later he was present on the show but participated less in the decision-making.

Source: Evening Standard (Niall Aslam)

It was after this that he might have fallen sick. The exact health problem is not known. His family and friends refused to speak and Niall too has not yet broken his social media silence.

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