Who is Nicole Walters? Know about her age, education, family, married life with Josh Walters and adopted daughters

Who is Nicole Walters? Know about her age, education, family, married life with Josh Walters and adopted daughters

Nicole Walters is the founder and CEO of Inherit Learning Company. Her company has equipped thousands of entrepreneurs with the structure and strategy to take their business to the next level. They offer any emerging entrepreneur to run and establish their own company debt-free.

Businesswoman Nicole Walters (Source: Twitter)

Previously, she worked in United Healthcare International. There she worked as a Business Development Executive Consultant and International Strategic Account Executive.

What is the age of Nicole Walters?

Nicole Walters was born on 6th November 1985 in Washington, USA. She is 35 years old at present. She revealed that when she grew up her family did not have enough money.

She slept on a couch until she was 12 years old in a one-bedroom Washington, D.C. apartment with her four family members. Even though her family’s condition was not well, she went to school at a private school and had different aspirations as a child.

Walters went to Beauvoir Prep, A National Cathedral School. Later, she attended St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day and Sidwell Friends Prep. From 1999 to 2003, Nicole educated from The Milton Hershey School-Boarding. After that, she went to the Johns Hopkins University and graduated in Political Science.

Inherit Learning Company founder Nicole Walters (Source: Hollywood Life)

Similarly, her father was a cab driver and her mother was a secretary at an insurance company. Her family emigrated from Ghana to the USA in search of opportunity.

Nicole said,

“A lot of kids are raised in America with the idea that the American Dream is a house and a pup, you know, picket fence and 2.5 children. I was actually raised believing that the American Dream is options. It’s just having more choices, and the freedom to be able to exercise them.”

When she earned enough money, she asked her parents to retire in Ghana.

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Married life of Nicole Walters

Nicole Walters is happily married to Josh Walters. She calls her husband Hubbin with whom she shares three adopted daughters Daya, Krissy, and Ally. In October 2014, she and her husband were on a date night when they spotted a mother and her toddler on the side of the road. They found out that the family was in a tough situation so they offered to raise the kids who were 14, 11, and 3 at the time.

Nicole revealed,

“So we have a choice right now. These girls need people, you know, and I grew up poor. I know what it’s like to not have. I also know what it’s like for people to make promises and not fulfill them.”

Nicole Walters and her family (Source: Us Weekly)

Even though she is busy in her own business she makes time for her daughters. Nicole was worried about her big daughter when she went to college as she could not contact her for three days. her daughter was watching Netflix and hanging out with her new friends at the time and there was nothing to worry about.

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