Nidhi Kulpati focuses more in her career since the death of her husband in 2005! Click to know details about her career!!

Nidhi Kulpati is one of the most successful women as a known faces of Indian world. The unfortunate death of her love of her life was very tragic for Nidhi Kulpati.

Being a determined woman, she has always achieved success according to her hard work. It seems that after her husband’s tragic death, she is more focused on her career and wants to achieve more success and progress.

Let’s check out more about her personal life professional life as well.

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Nidhi Kulpati’s husband, Neelesh Mishra

Nidhi Kulpati’s husband’s name is Neelesh Mishra. He is a journalist, author, radio storyteller, Bollywood director, scriptwriter, lyricist, and photographer.

The couple had once divorced but they again married. However, the couple could not stay in their married life for much time because Neelesh Mishra died because of a heart attack at Mysore hotel in the year 2005. This shocking news shocked all the people in the news world.

After the death of Nidhi’s husband, the postmortem report had clearly indicated that the cause of death was a heart attack. At the funeral time of Nidhi Kulpati’s husband, she was alleged with the media as she did not want anyone to take the photos of her husband’s dead body which was her own right.

Nidhi Kulpati’s personal life

Talking about Nidhi Kulpati’s personal life, there is not much information about the journalist’s personal life. She is not opened up about her personal matters in public or media. However, everybody knows that Nidhi Kulpati is a widow. She lost her husband in the year 2005.  It seems that Nidhi Kulpati is focusing more on her career and her professional life as she is single after her husband’s unfortunate death. Let us know more about her career as well.

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Nidhi Kulpati’s professional life

Nidhi Kulpati worked as a journalist since 1990. In the year 1991, she joined Newstrack that marked the beginning of her broadcasting career. Later on, she worked in the channel named Zee TV. She worked as a stand-up anchor in Zee TV for about six years. She is also a recipient of the prestigious INB (Best Hindi News Anchor) and NT Award (Hindi Anchor of the Year) in 2010.

Nidhi Kulpati has completed her training in journalism at the Sky TV in London. She has been working as an employee with DD, TVI, Zee News and other networks as well.

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In the above-mentioned show, Nidhi Kulpati regularly holds debates and discussion that includes political analysts and leaders as well. She is mostly involved in the journalism regarding politics of the country, India.

Nidhi Kulpati, a successful woman

Nidhi Kulpati is a very prosperous woman as she works hard for her success. Her style of processing news and asking questions is unique and in the right order. She is able to handle the most difficult and controversial situations.

We can never find her in any controversial and problematic debates. Even when any guest in her show tries to cross the boundary of discipline and proper manner, she never loses her temper. Instead, she settles the debate calmly. Moreover, her dressing style is always traditional and she mostly wears saree.

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Short Bio on Nidhi Kulpati

Nidhi Kulpati is an Indian citizen. She is a popular journalist and news anchor. She is one of the most known faces of the Indian news world. Currently, she is working as a news anchor at NDTV and hosts many successful programs. More Bio…