Non-diamond engagement rings is the choice of most millennial girls!

It was said that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. But not of the millennial girl. More and more of them are opting for non-diamond engagement rings. The reasons for it are multiple but the fact is that there is a rising demand for gemstone engagement rings nowadays.

Non-diamond engagement rings and the millennial trend

The diamonds in engagement rings are slowly getting less popular. Since more and more millennial women are choosing non-diamond engagement rings. The couples have a desire to express them differently and in a more bold way. Hence they go for colored gemstone instead of white diamonds. They want a ring that represents who they are, what they want to do with their life and signify their unique love.

Lisa Bridge, CEO of Ben Bridge Jeweler stated:

“Sometimes that uniqueness is expressed through a colored gemstone or a precious metal band,”

Emerald engagement ring [Source: Capucinne]

The expert added:

“A gemstone could be selected because it is a favorite color, it is from a meaningful place, or it represents a special connection.”

Besides, economic constraints and concerns of conflict diamonds also prevent them from buying diamond engagement rings.

Considerations during the purchase of such a ring

If one is going for a non-diamond ring, certain things should be considered in advance. The most important thing is the durability of the jewelry item. Lisa states:

“The ring should be able to stand the test of time and be worn and enjoyed every day. Looking for a strong and durable gemstone is key. Some gemstones can be easily scratched or need special care, it is important to keep in mind how the gemstone will match their lifestyle.”

Sapphire engagement ring [Source: Amazon]

She revealed that people prefer sapphire gemstone for engagement rings. Princess Diana had one and now Kate Middleton uses it. On the scientific MOHS hardness scale, sapphire is next to diamonds. Lisa explained:

“Diamonds score a 10 in terms of hardness, sapphires score a 9. Sapphires come in a rainbow of colors and are a great option for an engagement ring.”

The other gems for engagement rings

The other gems can also be treasured for a lifetime like the diamonds and hence are also woman’s best friends. After sapphire, more and more people prefer to select emerald engagement rings. They too look elegant with gold and are a sight to behold! Besides, quartz is also getting popular in engagement rings. It gives a different and elegant look to the whole piece. Ruby engagement rings are also fanciful and beautiful to wear.

Morganite engagement ring [Source: Amazon]

Two or more types of gemstones may also be used in one engagement ring. Moreover, Tansazanite gemstone mined from Tanzania has a color between deep purple and dark violet. It is also used in engagement rings. Garnets are also used. They are usually red but can have some yellow and green hues to it. Morganite is also being used increasingly for making engagement rings. Last but not the least, jade engagement rings are also in and look beautiful and gorgeous.

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