Nothing is Impossible Unless you don’t try!! Ron Claiborne working as American journalist and news anchor for decades has Inspired many youths in his field!

Ron Claiborne is one of the longest-serving employees of ABC News. For ABC News’s Good Morning America, Claiborne is an American journalist widely renowned as the news anchor.

In 1986, He joined the Manhattan-based news channel and remains with the channel to date.

Source: Facebook ( Ron Claiborne)
Source: Facebook (Ron Claiborne)

Ron’s Early life

Born as Ronald Eldridge Claiborne in the city of San Francisco in California. Ronald Eldridge Claiborne, better known Ron Claiborne was born on 20th August 1953.

He graduated as well as got B.A from Yale University. He remained there for only two days as his family shifted to Oakland Although he was born in San Francisco. Much of his childhood was spent in Oakland and later shifted to Los Angeles.

Source: Historic Images Outlet-original vintage prints (Ron Claiborne)
Source: Historic Images Outlet-original vintage prints (Ron Claiborne)

Let’s know about his Education background

He was very talented and was one of the bright students. He was doing psychology and got a master’s degree from Columbia University.

As he Graduated from School of Journalism. When he was working for the independent newspaper, Ron started a career in the journalism. This newspaper was based in the city of Richmond in California.

Source: Facebook (Ron Claiborne)
Source: Facebook (Ron Claiborne)

It’s almost two decades Ron joined the writing career. During this interval of time, he has contributed many to journalism. Inspiring many youths has been able to make his presence as a journalist and news anchor.


As a general assignment correspondent of New York, he started to work. That was an affiliate of Fox News. Since the 1980s until 1982, Ron worked as a reporter for New York DaiNews.

Ron was also in charge of metropolitan news, city hall, state government and city politics, metropolitan news, state government, and city hall. In the late 1970s, he was working as an editor.

And during the same year he also a reporter for United Press International Wire service.

Source: Adweek (Ron Claiborne)
Source: Adweek (Ron Claiborne)

In the year 1986, He joined the ABC News. Based in the city of Boston, he started to work as a general assignment correspondent.

Ron was reporting and contributed to the World News, Good Morning America, and Nightline. He was covering a large number of stories for ABC News.

Some of those topics were including the legalization of gay marriages in the state of Massachusetts and in Boston Catholic Church Scandal during the year 2002.

While he was covering the campaign of John McCain at that time he was in charge of 1992 and 2008 U.S presidential campaigns. For the coverage of Elian Gonzales seizures in the city of Miami, Ron Claiborne was given Emmy award in the year 2000.

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How much is His Net Worth?

Source: Pinterest( Ron Claiborne)
Source: Pinterest( Ron Claiborne)

The huge part of The brilliant journalist, Ron’s salary, and net worth is all outcome of his work as Journalist. The certain figure about his annual salary is unknown; however, his net worth is said to be around $600 thousand.

After three decades of his career, he has been working in different places and positions. However, Ron has been able to keep up his life standard a high quality. He prefers to stay focused on his career rather than his personal life.

What about his personal life?

Source: Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (Ron Claiborne)
Source: Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (Ron Claiborne)

The 64-years-old news anchoring skilled Ron Claiborne is still single. He is yet to tie the knot. In his years of service, he has never been romantically linked to anyone and is yet to publicly speak about his personal life. It seems he is still looking forward to his professional life.

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Short Bio on Ron Claiborne

Ron Claiborne is an Emmy Awards winning American journalist and newsreader. Currently, he is a correspondent for ABC News and newsreader for Good Morning America. Consequently, these main works have made him famous among the public. More Bio…