Olympia Valance is engaged to her boyfriend, AFL star Thomas Bellchambers!

Olympia Valance is engaged to her boyfriend, AFL star Thomas Bellchambers!
  • Actress Olympia Valance is engaged.
  • Her AFL boyfriend Thomas Bellchambers proposed to her during their romantic trip to Orpheus Island in Queensland.
  • It was a special place for the couple and Olympia recalls having cried on her return.
  • She posted about her engagement on her Instagram on Thursday 1 October 2020.

Update: Olympia Valance and Thomas Bellchambers are married. The couple married on 12th June. Their wedding ceremony was held in Daylesford, rural Victoria. They went to Greece for their honeymoon.

Olympia Valance and her engagement

It was a wonderful twist to their relationship. Actress Olympia Valance was with her boyfriend, AFL star, Thomas Bellchambers on a romantic vacation on Orpheus Island in Queensland.

And Thomas decided to pop the question. He went down on one knee and proposed to his lady love. And she said yes.

Olympia, Thomas and the engagement [Source: Daily Mail UK]
Olympia put up this joyful news on her Instagram. She uploaded a photo of the pair kissing after the engagement. She captioned the snap:

Today is a special day. The man of my dreams proposed to me,’ 

‘I get to marry my best friend,’

She tagged the post to her fiancé.

The beauty of Orpheus Island

On Monday, 5 October 2020, Olympia uploaded a photo of the two in front of the private chopper on which they traveled to the destination and back. For the caption, she wrote:

“Well, it’s safe to say that @orpheusisland will be a place that Thomas and I will never forget.”

‘This place, with or without getting engaged to my gorgeous fiancé is the most special place I have ever visited in my life. That was just the cherry on top!’

Olympia and Thomas on The Orpheus Island [Source: Yahoo News]
Olympia is immensely in love with the island. She enjoyed its great and awesome beauty. Describing it in her post, she wrote:

“’From the divine staff, the incredible culinary experience, exploring the surrounding reefs and islands, the free-flowing booze, the picnics, the fishing, the crystal clear ocean, the accommodation, the pool, the EVERYTHING!!!!”

‘This place has zero flaws! I actually cried getting back on this chopper. Going to miss my Orpheus family. Until next time ❤️,’

That means that Olympia has already made up her mind to revisit the place sometime in the future.

More photos of the occasion

Olympia is the younger sister of Holly Valance. On her Instagram, she also posted a photo of an expensive bento box-style spread that her now-fiance Thomas had arranged for their beachside picnic. And on this spread, there was seafood, fresh fruits, crackers, and chocolates covered with strawberries. On each berry was written ‘I love you 4ever’. To mark this special occasion was also a bottle of each rose and Veuve Clicquot champagne.

The meal spread on the island [Source: The Amed Post]
The couple had met on the celebrity dating app, Raya. They started dating in June 2019. Talking about how they met, Olympia said in October 2019:

‘I cannot believe no one has ever asked me this question… Do I lie?’

‘It’s an app for people who are in the public eye, it’s this app called Raya.’

After they matched and began chatting, they came to know that they shop at the same Melbourne food market. And now after one year comes their engagement.

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