Everything to know about rapper Omeretta the Great!

Everything to know about rapper Omeretta the Great!
Omeretta the Great (Source: SoundCloud)
  • Omeretta the Great is a rapper whose first album was Black Magic: A Dose of Reality
  • She has been gaining popularity since then and has been giving hits
  • She left college to focus on her music career

Omeretta the Great is a rapper who dropped her first project Black Magic: A Dose of Reality in December 2016. She gained popularity after her album but 2017 became her breakthrough year. She recalled,

“I participated in the (Head A##) challenge on Twitter. All of a sudden everybody was messing with it. So I started to take people’s beat and put my own raps to them..”

Rapper Omeretta the Great
Rapper Omeretta the Great (Source: MEAWW)

Omeretta’s second project C2Z3 Vol. 1 which became popular and gained lots of views. Even though she was gaining fame, she thought of quitting the music industry. But she stayed and dropped a new project Welcome to the Jungle in 2019. She is known to be one of the biggest stars of Atlanta and is now part of the new season of Love and Hip Atlanta. 

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What is the age of Omeretta the Great?

Omeretta the Great was born on 20th June 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia. She is 25 years old at present. Her father expired in the late 90s. She grew up in Atlanta writing and channeling the pain she felt from losing her father at an early age.

Music Artist Omeretta the Great
Music Artist Omeretta the Great (Source: WKMT-DB DaGr8FM)

Omeretta said,

“When I was younger, I didn’t feel like I had anyone to talk to or a friend to confide in because I felt like I lost my best friend. That pen and paper was my best friend.”

Likewise, Omeretta spent her childhood and teenage years writing and expressing herself but didn’t decide to pursue music until after graduating from high school. She attended Savannah State University and dropped her education in 2015. Also, she returned home and took several jobs, working at Panera Bread, Joe’s Crab Shack, American Deli, and others to bring money into the family.

Music Artist Omeretta the Great
Music Artist Omeretta the Great (Source: Tumgir)

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Short bio on Omeretta the Great

Omeretta the Great is an American musical artist. She is known for her albums such as Welcome to the Jungle, Black Magic: A Dose of Reality, and more.

Moreover, she is associated with the hip-hop/rap music genre. Read more bio…