Painful moment of Juliet Huddy, faces sexual harassment. Take a look at her relationships, married life, divorce, dating and news of her marriage with…

Juliet Huddy, an accomplished journalist

Source: (Juliet Huddy)
Source: (Juliet Huddy)

The most significant, dynamic and accomplished journalist off the Fox News Network and yes, also the most controversial person too.

She has been in highlight after accusing Bill O’Reilly of Sexual Harassment. The things going around is about Juliet Huddy.

Juliet has been engaged with many men in the past. Today let’s know about her controversies and relationships.

Faced Sexual Harassment during her career

Source: Perez Hilton (Bill O' Relly and Juliet Huddy)
Source: Perez Hilton (Bill O’ Reilly and Juliet Huddy)

Juliet came in the spotlight after leaving Fox News Network with the shocking news. She accused Bill O’ Reilly asking for sexual harassment. She also claimed that at that time she was at the peak of her career and Bill offered her a  good post in a job.

She gave a shocking statement that Bill had significant power over her career and he tried to gain some closeness with her and also threaten her about ruining her career.

Her accusation list doesn’t end over here. She also told he always sound as if he was masturbating and once welcomed her into a hotel room wearing a boxer.


Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter(Juliet Huddy’s tweet)

After the news came out, Fox channel gave her six-figure salary to settle down the dispute. Yet nothing has gone down because the case is still going down.

Personal life of Juliet Huddy, Her failed marriages!

Unlike any other journalist, Juliet Huddy has been an open book to all of us. She has been in many relationships till now. Juliet Huddy has been married three times and engaged twice. Her personal life is dramatic and has been in front of us.

Despite she had tried a lot in not letting know about her personal life, it always displays. She doesn’t feel shy talking about her personal life. Her statement every time brings a new surprise.

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Relationship of Juliet Huddy

Juliet had tried her luck in the relationship for a number of times but yet failed. She couldn’t grab as much of happiness in her personal life as in her profession.

She was married to Doug Barrett on January 23, 2009. After the short time, they parted their marriage in June 2009. She was heartbroken and blamed herself for the failure of marriage thrice. There is no more information about her first and second marriage.

We only know that her second husband’s name was Dan Green and they were married in early 1990’s.

Juliet has a long list of her boyfriends. It seems she has been trying to find the soulmate whom she can be with forever.

After suffering three-time divorce she again gave herself a chance and dated John Wright in 2013. They also got engaged. But the things didn’t go on the right path and they broke up.

After the few weeks of moving away from John, she started dating Big Vine Merchant, John Jordan. They also literally got engaged as Juliet was noticed with an engagement ring. But the things was not as Juliet thought. She parted her ways with John Jordan as well.

Present relationship of Juliet with John Fattoruso

In the present time, she has been dating musician John Fattoruso. As per being the common interest in Karaoke, they might have met in Karaoke sessions.

The duo has been hanging together with each other for a while. They do go to the vacations and Karaoke together.

The news is that they might soon get married as well. We all hope that this time she has met her soulmate and this relationship would last longer.

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Short Bio on Juliet Huddy

Juliet Huddy is a famous television personality and anchor of America. She is famous as a former news reporter for Fox News Channel. She is also best known as the anchor of WNYW-TV’s (FOX 5) Good Day Early Call. More bio…