Paningning, the adorable puppy from Philippines who sleeps in abnormal positions!

Paningning is her name and she is a dog from the Philippines. The pet dog is a shih tzu but there is something unique in her way of sleeping. She sleeps in unusual positions. The dog’s owner has clicked pictures of these abnormal and strange positionings of the dog and posted them on social media. All the posts have gone viral and Paningning has a huge social media following now.

Paningning-the internet sensation

The shih tzu dog Paningning is unique. She sleeps in positions in which no dog has ever slept. The dog sleeps on her back like a human being and also in other positions in which she finds herself comfortable. Her owner Janess Cua is thrilled. Janess created a Facebook and Instagram account of the adorable puppy and regularly post pictures and news of the furry animal on social media. The dog has turned an internet sensation with over 126.8k followers on it.

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Paningning’s unique sleeping positions

The adorable dog sleeps supine like a human being and as sleep progresses she drifts into other unusual positions. The pictures on social media are rather cute to watch and have garnered many likes. The dog’s owner Janess Cua is a resident of the Philippines.

Paningning’s abnormal sleeping positions (Source: Daily Mail UK)


The followers have created many memes about the animal and some even call Paningning a spirit animal. The dog also has a YouTube account video which shows her sleeping in weird positions. This uploaded YouTube video has over half a million views.

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Owner Janess stated that these abnormal sleeping positions are present since the birth of the puppy. She finds it comfortable and has never taken the traditional way of the dogs. Most of the pictures on the internet of Paningning are of the sleeping position. But the owner clarified that Paningning is an active dog. She runs around and plays with her sibling puppies.

More about Paningning’s oddness

Janess did not expect the pictures of Paningning to go viral. Hence, it comes as a surprise that the dog hit so much fame. Janess said:

“It’s really just my hobby to take photos of my pet dogs”

Janess first posted pictures of Paningning on the Facebook Group called Dog Lovers Philippines. Janess loves to click pictures of the pet animals but additionally also enjoys dressing up the pets. Pictures of Paningning with lovely colorful bow and dress pieces also picked up many likes.

Janess loves to dress her puppy (Source: Daily Mail UK)

Paningning enjoys sleeping on the hard wooden floors of the house rather than on the soft bed. And when Paningning sleeps on the floor, her sibling puppies follow suit and cuddle up near her. But they adopt more natural positions. The abnormal sleeping positions are ‘normal’ for the cute little puppy!

Source: Daily Mail UK