Parenthood! Tyler Ritter Welcomes His First Child With Wife Leila Parma; Here Is More About The Newly-turned Parents Couple’s Relationship And Married Life

Parenthood! Tyler Ritter Welcomes His First Child With Wife Leila Parma; Here Is More About The Newly-turned Parents Couple’s Relationship And Married Life

The happiest experience is turning to the parents for the baby. Well! The couple probably enjoys their parenthood as it is a blessed moment for them.

Which girl/woman doesn’t feel good to bring the new life to the world through their womb? Isn’t it the best feeling in the world? Not only in our normal person’s life but also for the renowned stars, everyone enjoys parenthood.

Source: E! Online (Tyler Ritter and his wife Lelia Parma)

Recently one of the couples turned to the parent for their first child. Arrow star, Tyler Ritter, embraced his first child with his wife, Lelia Parma.

The happiness which came with their very first child can be seen through their social media post. They are pouring their happiness through their posts. Scroll to find out the whole story!

New parents: Tyler Ritter and Lelia Parma

As we know, social media has been an inseparable part of our life. We almost share every moment of our life. So how can the stars stay far from social media?

Likewise, the very known actor Tyler Ritter is also active on his social accounts like Twitter and Instagram with a huge number of followers. Recently, after welcoming his first child, he shared the good news of the baby’s arrival along with his name through an Instagram post on Sunday. The caption to the image read:

“it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life. He’s Benjamin Parma Ritter. And we’re feeling good.”

Instagram baby!

As the couple already had the idea that they were about to welcome a baby boy as their first child. Tyler posted a snapshot of him kissing his expecting wife Lelia on her birthday a week back.

He also mentioned his son’s arrival in the inscription. With the arrival of Benjamin, John Ritter’s family of three resembles completed. 

He also shared a snap of two of them in near-silhouette on the beach. In the picture, Leila is still visibly pregnant as they leaned toward each other for a kiss.

Meanwhile, he also uploaded another two-photo Instagram album last month attempting up photographs from what seemed to have been the same beach photo shoot.

In one of the pictures, Lelia stood serenely by the water, bedding her bump, as Tyler stood back in the extent, his legs widened and his paws tapping up into the air. The caption for the adorable picture was:

“Maybe the best example of when it’s okay for expecting dads to stay OUT of the picture.”

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Married life, relationship…

Tyler married an Argentinian film director back in 2007. Well! Till now you may have realized that the duo shares a decade of years.

Tyler tweeted about when they met and how he violated Leila with his dancing Robot skills. Going through their social media posts, we can say that they share a very adorable connection and bond. In the post, you can see them showing love for each other every time.

Tyler tweeted this picture of them having fun together for their recent anniversary.

Taylor, who is the son of the late comedy legend, John Ritter’s Son, grabbed the limelight with his character ‘Detective Billy Malone’ in the recent season of Arrow.

The actor started his career featuring a guest role in the very popular show- Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy. Later on, he got a starring role in 2014 where he rose off as Rony McCarthy; a gay role in the family of six, for the show- ‘The McCarthys.’

Source: XNUG (Tyler Ritter and his wife Lelia Parma welcomes the first child)

In the year 2015, he got the award with another role as Abby Sciuto’s brother in the show- ‘NCIS New Orleans.’ Moreover, he also has recurring roles on the same show as of now.

As he works hard on the screen to enlighten his talent more and more every day, we appreciate him as a fan. We and all of his fans love all his roles, and people seem to praise his acting a lot.

Presently, we’d like to congratulate you on your new parenthood!

Short Bio on Tyler Ritter

Tyler Ritter is an American actor. He is well-known as the head singer and bassist of the alternative rock band The All-American RejecRejecte first hit song was “Swing, Swing.” More Bio…