Parker McKenna Posey remembers the legacy of the late rapper Nispey Hussle and how it has impacted the world!

The actress Parker McKenna Posey who was close to the late rapper Nipsey Hussle again remembered him and the void he has left in the lives of all after his accidental death on 31 March 2019. It was just over two months since his death, and Parker spoke about his legacy and its impact on the world.

Nipsey Hussle and his tragic untimely premature death

On 31 March 2019, the rapper Nipsey Hussle was outside his Marathon Clothing Store in Los Angeles. It was a Sunday and Nispey had an altercation with a man near the exit of his shop in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. The man fired multiple gunshots at him and Nipsey was killed instantly. He was just 33.

Source: Metro UK (Nipsey and his child)

After his death, there was a memorial service for him which was held at the Los Angeles’ staple center. More than 20k of his fans attended the memorial service. Besides, on the occasion were is friends and family which also included his two children, Emani Asghedom and Kross Asghedom.

Fans, friends, and family mourn his death

His close friends, family members, and fans were grieved by the sudden loss. They took to social media to express themselves and reveal their shock on his death at a young age. Parker was also amongst them and she had at that time written:

“My heart hurts. I know you’re never supposed to question God… but we all need answers. I guess some things will never make sense. The very man who tried to make a difference in his community was a victim to it & that really makes me sick.”

Source: In Touch Weekly (Parker and Nipsey)

She continued:

“I hate that I didn’t get to really talk to you too much Friday. I know you were full of light & inspiration. The love you gave Lauren alone was a beautiful thing to get a glimpse of.”

“Praying for your family, your beautiful kids, & someone I’ve seriously grown to care about, LL. Stay strong. We all love you!”

Parker McKenna Posey still remembers Nipsey’s good deeds

Parker is still in the mourning phase. She still continues to miss Nipsey and remembers him each day. Their show Games People Play premiered on TV one month after Nispey died. Parker plays Laila James and is alongside the Lauren London, the girlfriend of the late star who also is the mother of the rapper’s younger child Kross. Nispey had written the second episode of the BET series. He also had a successful music career.

Source: Twitter (Parker)

Parker remembered:

“His passing affected the world. His goal was to unite and affect positive change,”

“Working as closely as we did, and spending upwards of 15 hours a day we got super close, so it is pretty hard on all of us. We are always going to be there for one another. We continue to send our love and keep those affected first hand in our thoughts and prayers.”

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