‘Wheel of Fortune,’ Pat Sajak holds the Guinness World Record! Know about his married life and children

‘Wheel of Fortune,’ Pat Sajak holds the Guinness World Record! Know about his married life and children

The television show Wheel of Fortune has been airing across American television since the year 1981. Pat Sajak, the American television personality has been hosting the show and he is celebrating for the length of his career on the show.

Pat Sajak mocks Wheel Of Fortune audience member
Source: AOL(Pat Sajak mocks Wheel Of Fortune audience member)

The show has been for 35 years and 198 days and the winner contestants take home grand prizes. Due to this Pat has officially held the Guinness World Record for having the longest career as a game show host for the same show.

He said,

“I was very lucky in that I always knew that I wanted to be in broadcasting,”

Similarly, he added,

“My early heroes were people like Arthur Godfrey, Dave Garroway, Steve Allen and, especially, Jack Paar. They helped shape what a television personality was, paving the way for so many others.”

Not just his Guinness World Records certificate, he has accompanies other keynote accomplishments in his career as a game show host, including three Emmy® Awards, a People’s Choice Award and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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How many times is Pat Sajak married?

Pat Sajak met Sherrill Sajak in the year 1978. They fell in love and decided to marry. They exchanged wedding vow in the year 1979. Similarly, they married in front of their friends and family.

Their married life was going great until they decide to separate in 1981. It was easy for them to divorce as they did not have any children.

Pat Sajak with Lesly Brown
Source: star-news.org(Pat Sajak with Lesly Brown)

After that, he married photographer, Lesly Brown. They married on 31st December 1989. Similarly, they have been dating from the year 1988 after they met first time through mutual friends in California.

They have two children together. their son Patrick was born on 22nd December 1990. Likewise, their daughter Maggie was born on 5th January 1995.

Similarly, she is a model who has worked on various projects. Later she chose professional law practitioner as her career and left modeling.

Pat Sajak life and Career

72, American television personality, former weatherman Pat Sajak was born on 26th October 1946 in Chicago, Illinois, US. He is the daughter of Leonard Anthony Sajdak(father) and Joyce Helen(mother). He graduated from Farragut High School in the year 1964. After that, he went to Columbia College Chicago.

He won a contest on WLS radio’s Dick Biondi Show to be a guest teen deejay. He applied for the job and was hired to work from midnight to 6:00 AM. In the year 1968, he joined the US Army and was sent to Vietnam, where he served as a disc jockey on Armed Forces Radio.

Pat Sajak, Vanna White and Alex Trebek
Source: Hollywood Reporter(Pat Sajak, Vanna White, and Alex Trebek)

Similarly, he has also served as a guest writer for Ricochet.com, which deals with social-political issues. Also, he has also served the ‘Claremont Institute’ on their board of directors.

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Short Bio on Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak is an American television personality, former weatherman, and talk show host, he is well known as the host of the American television game show Wheel of Fortune. See More…

Source: guinnessworldrecords, Wikipedia