How To Take A Perfect Selfie For Your Instagram Just Like A Celebrity? 5 Easy Tips And Tricks For A Good Selfie!

How To Take A Perfect Selfie For Your Instagram Just Like A Celebrity? 5 Easy Tips And Tricks For A Good Selfie!

Instagram and taking a selfie is on a trend for this generation. Selfie is the self-portrait digital photograph which is usually taken from the smartphones or digital camera. Posting a good selfie on social media accounts is a huge thing among the people and celebrities are not an exception. People may wonder how do the celebs take such an amazing selfie. Here are some of the tips and tricks to take an amazing selfie just like your favorite celebs.

1. Know your angles

First find your best sides to take a selfie (Source: Marie Clarie)

To take a good selfie, first, you must know your angles. Tilt your head around to find out your best angle. As your face shape varies, there are different good angles for everyone. Find out the best side of your first to take a good selfie.

2. Find the natural lighting

Natural lighting makes your selfie look good (Source: Slashed Beauty)

Another important thing for a good selfie is probably finding good natural lighting. A place with natural lighting can be very useful to get the perfect selfie that you can post on your Instagram. It gives the beautiful glow and also defines the features of your face more nicely. You should definitely avoid fluorescent lighting because it is not good for taking a selfie.

 3. Appropriate distance between your face and camera

Keep distance with your camera and face for a good selfie (Source: Business Insider)

To take a good selfie, you should keep the appropriate distance between her face and the camera. You should neither camera too close and too far from the camera. When your camera is too near your nose and other parts of the face may look weird. Meanwhile, when the camera is too far specific facial features may not be visible.

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4. Don’t add too much of filter

Don’t use too much of filter on your selfie (Source: Expert Voice)

Though you take an amazing selfie, you may ruin it using an unnecessary amount of filters. There are plenty of filters on Instagram and also many apps on the IOS and Google Playstore to make your pictures look great. However, using too much filter may ruin your pictures. Piling up every filter will make the picture look unnatural and diminish the proper glimpse of your facial features.

5. Head away from your neck

Put your head far from the neck for a perfect selfie (Source: Photo Point)

When you extend your head away from your neck, it shows your jawline looks sharp. It also creates an illusion of a longer neck and sharp jawline. Furthermore, when you push your shoulders down it makes you look relaxed and make you selfie game strong.

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