Building his professional life pretty well, but why has not he revealed any details about his personal life?? Explore this child actor- Kendall McIntyre’s filmography!

Building his professional life pretty well, but why has not he revealed any details about his personal life?? Explore this child actor- Kendall McIntyre’s filmography!

Kendall McIntyre has not revealed personal information

Kendall McIntyre a 15-year-old actor has not yet revealed any of his personal information. McIntyre is popular for his appearance in dramas like Paper Towns (Drama/Mystery), Constantine (American television series), and Sb-1070 (2013).

We even do not have details about his date of birth and birthplace. Standing 4 feet 9 inches tall, Kendall McIntyre has kept his personal information behind the limelight.

Regarding his childhood days or early life, we lack information about them. There is no information about his parents’ names or the type of job they do. Nor do we have any details about his family background and childhood.

Talking about his educational background, the Same goes for his educational background. We lack information regarding his school days and his graduation at present. Hope he is doing well with his studies also.

We hope he shares his personal information very soon!!

Source: Twitter (Kendall McIntyre)

Kendall McIntyre’s filmography

Kendall McIntyre has a pretty filmography. Back in 2000, Kendall appeared in a movie titled The Silencer which was based on Thriller and Action. In 2011’s movie, he featured Ryan Reynold in the movie The Change-Up (Fantasy/Comedy). The movie was able to earn 5.5 million USD at the box office.

He appeared in Infectious Films Entertainment, Ready or not. Following that, Kendall also made his appearance in Return of the Sandman. This was a fan-film remake of Halloween II. As a Supporting Actor, he landed his acting in Infectious Films Entertainment’s  Wide Awake.

Kendall’s performance was also seen in 2011’s Hideaway which was also an Infectious Films Entertainment production. Likewise, his appearance was visualized in Secrets of the house and The Encounter.

He made his comeback in 2017’s movie The Attraction which was based on Drama and Science fiction film. This 2 hours 17 minutes long movie was able to earn 18.4 million USD at the box office with only a 6.3 million USD budget.

Source: Twitter (Kendall McIntyre)

His acting was also seen in Man in the Lake, “Friday the 13th” as Little Jason Voorhees. His appearance in Paper Towns is by far the most popular role he received.

In this movie, he has performed the role of Young Ben. This 2015’s movie is based on Drama and Mystery. 1 hour 53 minutes long, the movie was able to earn 85.5 million USD at the box office.

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Kendall McIntyre’s television works and Music Videos

Kendall’s other important role was in Constantine which was initially released on February 7, 2005. In this Bonanza Production film, he performed the role of Young Marcello Co-Star. He also appeared in Deven Jackson P.A.(mini-series).

He also appeared in a couple of music videos like Boy of my dreams, Dead Confederate,” Giving it all away”, Young Jeezy, “Put On” and Mike Jones.

As he has kept his details hidden, we lack information about his net worth and salary too. As he is doing well in his professional life, we can assume his salary to be pretty good.

Source: Twitter (Kendall McIntyre)

Kendall McIntyre’s social media

Kendall’s fans might have tried searching for him on social media. He seems to be active on his Twitter account more. You can find him on his Instagram account via name: @IamKendallM. We also have tried finding him on Instagram. But we are unable to find him there. 

He is young only 15 years, he is yet to find someone special. He might be focusing on building his professional life more.

We hope he finds someone special very soon!!

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