Pete Evans slams the AMA for criticizing him about his ketogenic diet claims!

Pete Evans slams the AMA for criticizing him about his ketogenic diet claims!
  • Netflix had put up a 2017 film which was produced and narrated by Australian celebrity Chef Pete Evans on its website.
  • It is called The Magic Pill and it claims that the ketogenic diet is fantastic and advocates it for autism, asthma, and even cancer.

What does the documentary state?

A ketogenic diet is one that is low in carbohydrates but high in fat and protein. The film states that the ketogenic diet had helped a young toddler deal with autism and after five weeks of such a diet, he has shown improvement in symptoms. The film goes on to boast that a woman’s cancer had diminished in size after the use of the ketogenic diet.

Source: Shape magazine (The magic pill documentary)

The film reveals some case studies with no proper randomized and controlled studies being conducted. It goes on to tell viewers to eat whole and organic foods, avoid grains and dairy, eat a high level of animal fats, olive oil, eggs, and avocados, and avoid “bad fats” like vegetable oils.

Australian Medical Association’s reaction

The film and its false claims have invited the ire of the medical fraternity of Australia. The head of the AMA, Dr. Tony Bartone feels that this type of claim could have negative impacts on society and patients.

He said that the portrayal of a ketogenic diet as a cure-all could have harmful effects, especially on cancer patients and children.

Dr. Tonay clearly stated:

“There is some early evidence, and lot of animal models, that it may have a role in maybe autism, certainly epilepsy – but it is still yet to be fully evaluated,”

Source: The Guardian (Dr. Tony Bartone, head AMA)

He continued:

“A ketogenic diet is not without risk and it really should be performed in conjunction with a medical practitioner. A long term ketogenic diet can be associated with unhealthy weight loss, kidney stones, and in children can lead to nutritional deficiencies and immune system issues.”

Dr. Tony further added:

“This is trying to work on the vulnerable and the impressionable in our community. They should be listening to their oncologist or medical practitioner and not a celebrity chef.”

Pete Evans previous unfounded claims

In 2015, Pete Evans released a cookbook for children in which he had written a recipe that was considered to be potentially fatal for babies.

This was a DIY milk formula made from liver and bone broth which would have 10 times the safe limit of vitamin A in it. After evaluation of the book’s contents, the book was banned and pulled out of circulation.

Source: Mum’s lounge (Pete Evans)

In 2017, Pete Evans claimed that dairy removed calcium from bones and also that sunscreen is toxic. For these comments, AMA criticized Pete Evans.

Pete Evans hits back

Pete Evans wrote on his Facebook that AMA has no interest in keeping Australians healthy. His post reads:

“Does the head of the AMA believe that eating vegetables and fruit with a side of well sourced meat/seafood/eggs to be a dangerous way of life? Perhaps the bigger question to ask would be, ‘Is the head of the AMA fearful of people in Australia becoming healthy? What would this mean to their industry?’”

Source: The Herald-Sun (Pete Evans)

The chef further said:

“Modern medicine is fabulous and vitally needed as we do say in the film, however, when 70-80% of illness is diet/lifestyle related, then shouldn’t prevention be a considered approach?”

He claimed that leading cardiologists, scientists, and doctors backed his claims. Pete’s films, in the beginning, have a disclaimer that states that exercise, sleep, and meditation also play a role in the overall health of the patient. It adds:

“While we emphasise the science behind the dietary advice, the personal stories portrayed in this film are anecdotal and we make no claims that these experiences are typical,” it says. “Always consult with you doctor or health professional before starting any new diet.”

There is also a Greek quote that says:

“Nature is the healer of disease”.