Peter Gunz asks his wife for Divorce as soon as possible. What led their marriage to this?

Peter Gunz asks his wife for Divorce as soon as possible. What led their marriage to this?
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“Love & Hip-Hop: New York” star Peter Gunz shares the same dilemma, as he asked his wife to end their marriage by filing for divorce, to move on with his previous girlfriend and their kids. But did his wife accept the proposal to get divorced? Let’s read to find out.

Peter asks his wife to divorce

Peter’s wife Amina spoke regarding the complicated love triangle between her, Peter, and Tara in an interview on February 3, 2017, where she stated,

“I feel like if he does that, he would have to do it with both of us, if she’s the one he’s trying to get back then I get it, but I honestly didn’t know until I watched it on TV. So it’s a little bit weird. I think I deserve it, too.”

Confessing her feelings, Amina shared,

“He still means a lot to me, I’ve kind of admitted that I’m not there yet. I’m not ready to file for divorce. It will happen in the future most likely, but if he wants to divorce me then he should be the one to do it now because he’s the one trying to get somebody back. I don’t have a reason right now to rush it.”

Amina added,

“kind of ready to meet someone new. If it happens, it does, but I’m not looking. I’m going to let it just come to me. Whenever it’s meant to be, it will be,”

In an interview with Amina Buddafly on February 8, 2017, she commented on the relationship of her husband Peter and his ex-girlfriend Tara Wallace.

“The last thing that I heard she was saying there’s nothing going on like that between them, but I don’t believe it and I don’t know who would believe it.”

Amina further elaborated on her point of view,

“He’s not officially with either of us because we both want to move on but we are both struggling with saying no to him. And she’s not admitting it, but I am. Even if [Tara] puts her foot down and says no to him, which is possible, it’s not completely over between them and I don’t think it ever will be and that’s why I had to leave New York.”

Moreover, Amina shared her realization in her statement that said,

 “He’s never going to be able to let her go, if anyone if going to be with a new person in this triangle it will be me.”

Peter and Amina share two daughters together, Cori Gunz (5) and Bronx Gunz (b. August 2016), and they co-parent their daughters.

Peter shared a picture with his daughter Cori from Amina and caption it “Bliss” via Instagram in December 2015.


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Has Peter’s wife accepted the proposal?

Neither Peter nor his wife Amina has filed for divorce until now only time will pen down their story further!

Peter is willing to separate from his current wife Amina to get back with his ex-girlfriend Tara, but will Tara welcome Peter with open arms? It’s the answer everyone wants to know.

However, a source gave an insight to regarding Tara Wallace’s personal space on February 23, 2017. The source revealed,

“She has not officially taken Peter back but it’s going that way, she wants to be a family again for the sake of her kids, she lives for those three boys and she wants them to have their dad around full time. One thing she can’t have though, is him messing around with Amina.”

Moreover, the source added,

He’s promised her he’s done with Amina but Tara still has major doubts, but she’s all about her boys and their happiness so the odds are very high she will put her doubts aside and look for the best in Peter. Having a good relationship with him is best for her kids and she always tries to do what’s best for them.”

Peter and his ex-girlfriend Tara shared history, and together they share three children Kaz Wallace (8), Jamison Wallace (12), and Gunner Ethan (February 13, 2016).

In an interview in 2015, Tara Wallace discussed Peter Gunz and the other five women with whom he shares children and is a father of ten children.

And in an interview, Tara revealed how is to be in a room with a woman sharing children with Peter.

“I get along with, for the most part, all of [the other mothers], Cory’s mom, she doesn’t live in New York, so I’ve only met her a couple of times. But, the other mothers, we get along….When you look at the history of it all, we’ve all overlapped in some way. Not knowing that we were overlapping.”

Peter shares a total of ten children with six different women and pours down her thoughts as if all of them were in a room.

“Not all six [of the mothers], I’ve definitely been in the room with four of them….It was fine. Two of the young ladies, they have children who are much older than my boys, so, whatever happened in those relationships happened before me. I try to keep it to where we’re not blaming the other woman.”

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Update on Peter Gunz and Amina’s divorce

Peter Gunz and Amina ultimately filed for divorce which was finalized in January 2018.

Short Bio on Peter Gunz

Peter Gunz is an American famous rapper. His real name is Peter Pankey Sr.  And his family name is Gunz. He is best known for his rap. He came to fame after being a part of the rap duo Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz. Their hit single was “Deja Vu”. His “Make It Reign” was also his famous album.

Moreover, the stars in Love and Hip Hop TV Series alongside other series and documentaries. He is the musical kind of person who is very much fond of music and rap. His rap albums are also popular. Gunz is also much interested in sports mainly football and baseball. More Bio…

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