Peter Paul Loughran-the musician, hairdresser, Lena Headey’s ex-husband, divorcee, father!

Peter Paul Loughran-the musician, hairdresser, Lena Headey’s ex-husband, divorcee, father!

Peter Paul Loughran is a musician and hairdresser who is the ex-husband of Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey, 45. Peter and Lena divorced in 2013 and it was a nasty divorce and child custody battle.

The relationship timeline of Peter Paul Loughran and Lena Headey

The handsome Peter Paul Loughran, 40 and the beautiful Lena Headey had married in May 2007. The couple has a child, a son named Wylie and he was born on 31 March 2010. Lena suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of Wylie. Soon there were some differences between the two and they divorced in 2013. But they had already separated in 2011.

Source: EOnline (Peter and Lena)

The divorce battle was neither amicable nor smooth. Then there was the custody battle for their child Wylie. It was later decided that Peter would be able to see his son 10 days a month. In 2016, Lena had to return to the US as ordered by a Judge. However, she came back to England and is now residing with her second husband Dan Cadan who is a director by profession. The couple has a daughter named Teddy. Teddy was born on 10 July 2015.

Peter Paul Loughran and his post-divorce state

Peter had lived a millionaire’s life with Lena when they were married. But the bitter divorce left him penniless. A source told The Sun last year:

“Peter has been wiped out financially over the last few years. It has been very tough on him and he is struggling.”

“He has gone from living the life of a millionaire in Hollywood to living in Leeds on benefits. His friends are worried about how he is coping.”

The insider continued:

“He hasn’t been able to get work cutting hair, so is now busking to make a bit of money.”

“His heart has been broken by all that has gone on.”

Source: Daily Entertainment News (Lena and Peter)

Peter Paul Loughran and his busking in Leeds

Irishman Peter was sighted in June 2018 busking for money. He was singing songs of James Blunt, OutKast, and Michael Buble in Leeds in order to raise some money for his living. He had put up social media posts of it which read:

“Hitting the town with the gtar (sic) on the busking tour of Leeds lol. What an existence-had the best day with my special live though, had a ball. Anybody out. Going so ell tonight.”

His friends also started a GoFundMe page in order to get some donations for his legal fees. The page was titled:

“Help pay Peter Paul’s legal fees.”

Source: The World News (Peter busking in Leeds)

Peter Paul Loughran and his secret girlfriend

Peter had been facing a tough time since his divorce with Lena Headey. It was a hard time for him but sources have revealed that he has a secret girlfriend. She is Hawaiian model named Maka Sugi. Her full name is Makaha Sugita. She has been providing him with the much-needed support and stamina so that he is able to continue with the legal battle. A friend of Peter told:

“Life has been tough for Peter over the last few years as he has been fighting his divorce. Maka has provided him with the love and support he’s needed.”

Source: Daily Mail (Maka and Peter)

Peter Paul Loughran and his birth and childhood

Peter is 40 years of age. He is an Irishman and hails from Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland. There are no more details about his parents, siblings, education, and other family members.

Peter Paul Loughran and his career

Peter is a musical artist. He is also a hairdresser. But work at that front is scarce. He is left penniless but the whole divorce procedure. It is not known what he does for a living now.

Source: The Sun, daily mail