Phaedra Parks Decides to Divorce her Husband Apollo Nida After Five Years of Marriage! Real Housewives of Atlanta has huge fight with Frenemy Kenney Moore-Fing out How it went!

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Phaedra Parks is best recognized for the Bravo reality series “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and recently she has hit headlines for her divorce with her husband and current fight with frenemy Kenya Moore!

Source: allthingsrh
Source: allthingsrh (Phaedra Parks)

Divorce with husband Apollo Nida

Phaedra Parks has finally decided to call it quit with her husband who is the convicted felon Apollo Nida in the March 22 episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, while Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore, Claudia Jordan, and Porsha Williams continue to bring out their differences during a group counseling session.

Source: peoplepets
Source: peoplepets (Phaedra Parks with Apollo Nida)

Phaedra has mentioned about Apollo’s strange behavior and criminal past as the reasons why she can’t take any more.

Before he started his eight-year sentence for fraud, Apollo used to act erratically, thereby creating a huge rift in the couple’s marriage.

Because of her problems at home, her friendships with the rest of the housewives also seems to b suffering.

Inside Phaedra’s Decision

Phaedra is shown talking to friend Sarah Jakes, the daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes, about her marital problems.

Source: versatic
Source: versatic (Phaedra Parks with family)

“We have a God connection, I feel like I can be totally transparent because I know she doesn’t have an ulterior motive.”

Phaedra is seen breaking down in tears. She tells Sarah that she had wanted to be the perfect wife but Apollo would often do things just to be mean and hurtful to her.

“I said I would support him through the criminal trouble. I should have probably left then.”

Apollo used to always behave abnormally and enter into unnecessary fights. Phaedra disclosed that she never had a quiet and peaceful sleep. But for the first time in years, she said she has peace.

“I don’t live in fear of ‘what has Apollo done, what will he do next?’I can go to sleep knowing that he’s not going to hurt himself or hurt anybody around him.”

Source: guardianlv
Source: guardianlv (Phaedra Parks and her family)

A few days later, Phaedra met with her mentor and fellow attorney Ronnie Kaplan for advice on how she should proceed. Their prenuptial agreement stands, but Ronnie’s main concern was the well-being of Phaedra and Apollo’s two young boys.

“They need to have as much contact as possible with their dad,”

Ronnie told a reluctant Phaedra.

Phaedra does know that her two children need to have contact with their father, but she is a bit hesitant to take them regularly to the federal prison in Kentucky for visits.

She fears that her kids may get exposed to the world of killers during these visits. Besides, she also has her own busy schedules which would preclude her from escorting her children to the prison.

Ronnie wonders why Phaedra had chosen Apollo to marry when there were so many men around to marry. She was already aware of his past criminal records when she met and dated him.

Source: missxpose
Source: missxpose (Phaedra Parks on RHOA)

“I thought he was a changed man, I married him because I knew that he loved me. Some people do change their lives and make a difference…maybe he was conning me the whole time.”

Phaedra responded.

Ronnie suggested to Phaedra to go a bit slow on the divorce even though they can initiate the process without Apollo being around.

Ronnie says:

“We’ll get through it, It’s a sad time. A divorce is a death. A death of a relationship.”

Phaedra ignoring calls from Jail

“‘He’s been blowing up my cell and the landline and I’m not accepting any calls. That’s wasting money that I could be putting towards my kids’ college,”

a source quoted Phaedra as saying.

It was definitely a difficult decision for Phaedra to stop taking her husband’s calls, but we can understand her side as well. As a mother she wants her children to be safe and away from any emotional drama.

Source: knotrolmag
Source: knotrolmag (Phaedra Parks with Apollo)

The source added:

“She’s still hurting but every day she’s getting stronger, It’s a process. She’ll be just fine.”

We have high hopes that things will only get easier for Phaedra, and time is on her side! Good for her for putting her family first!

Phaedra Parks Leaves Apollo Nida On Day Of His Jail Sentencing

Phaedra also opted to not to support Apollo on the day of his sentencing. Once again, the mother of two made the decision keeping her children in mind.

Source: nancysdaughter
Source: nancysdaughter (Phaedra Parks and Apollo)

“It’s the morning of Apollo’s sentencing, and I’ve decided not to be at our house because of the paparazzi and people trying to snap pictures of my children,”

Phaedra is shown saying in a clip from the RHOA Season 7 premiere.

The next season of RHOA will sure have a lot of drama in it, and Phaedra reveals that though it will be hard and painful for her, she will definitely watch the new season.

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Fight with Keny Moore

On the latest episode of the Bravo hit, Phaedra Parks, 43, slammed her enemy turned friend Kenya Moore and called her  “skanky,” “disgusting” and “trifling,” thereby reopening the wounds of a years-old vendetta.

Source: ibtimes
Source: ibtimes (Phaedra and Kenya Moore)

It all started when Moore, 46, decided to give Parks and pal Cynthia Bailey, 50, a divorce party on their last night in Hawaii in order to celebrate the end of their respective marriages.

While Parks separated from her husband Apollo Nida late last year, Bailey split from her husband Peter Thomas last summer.

Parks was disgusted and angry by this move of Kenya Moore and stormed out of the party. She snapped,

“These women are over here like hyenas, mocking the sacrament of marriage. I want no part of this,”

Parks and her lawyer did not stop at that and brought back the allegations that Moore had acted inappropriately with Nida during her five-year marriage.

“I’m appalled that they would think the breakup of a family is a cause for celebration, And with the host being the trifling woman who was texting my husband? Disgusting and disgraceful.”

Source: thenet
Source: thenet (RHOA participants)

“When I was married, Kenya continuously flirted with husband. So no wonder she’s celebrating. It’s just on a whole ‘nother level of skanky, Maybe she’s happy? Maybe she can finally have her chance with Apollo.”

Moore vehemently denied that she had broken up Parks’ marriage and accused her alleged friend of stabbing her in the back.

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