Platonic Relationship: 4 characteristics of Selfless and honest relationship without expectations!

Platonic Relationship: 4 characteristics of Selfless and honest relationship without expectations!
  • Love has no boundaries.
  • There are different kinds of love we experience.
  • There is no saying that love only exists if two individuals are romantically and sexually involved with each other.

Love has no restrictions right? A platonic relationship, in particular, is a kind of love or close relationship without romantic feelings in it.

Platonic Relationship
Platonic Relationship(source: e-harmony)

Well, many of us aren’t exactly familiar with Platonic love when it is rather common. We may have heard about a friendship that is “platonic”, but we may not have realized what it means. The term originally was devised by the Greek philosopher Plato.

Plato defined it as being,

“Neither family, nor privilege, nor wealth, nor anything but love can light that beacon which a man must steer by when he sets out to live the better life.”

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The modern definition of platonic love still has some of Plato’s essence of a bond that brings the best out of the two people. However, modern society defines platonic love as two people “being just friends.”

Platonic love usually exists between the opposite sex or even of the same sex. The kind of relationship where you share a deep affection for each other but strictly without involving romantic feelings and sexual desires.

It often gets hard to clear the lines and clear up the status of a relationship. A platonic relationship is hard to establish if one party desires romance with the other party.

Asking yourself if this person is just a friend or more doesn’t always clear lines. So here are five characteristics of a platonic relationship you should probably know.

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Platonic Love sets Boundaries

Platonic relation sets boundaries
Platonic relation sets boundaries (source: Her way)

Boundaries exist in every relationship. There are boundaries and respecting each other’s boundaries without pushing is prominent in establishing a good platonic relationship.

The Beginning of new friendships might not yet have this trait. Part of the reason might be because of a lack of experience the two share.

It could also appear due to one party’s romantic interest in the other one. One boundary that many platonic relationships must have is whether or not there is a build of sexual tensions between them.

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Honesty doesn’t scare you

Platonic Love is more honest
Platonic Love is more honest (source: Quota)

As much as the romantic relationship appears to be sincere, no relationship exists without some white lies. In a romantic relationship, we get conscious of the other person’s opinion.

We want to please the person as much as we can and keep in mind what our words would mean and affect them. In romantic love, we say things to make our party happy to ensure that we live in peace and compatibility.

It isn’t the case with platonic relations. We don’t fear or take secs to think before pouring our opinion to the other party. We don’t fear our romantic bond weakening. In a platonic relationship, they’ve got their own life and you’ve got yours.

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Platonic love has no expectations

Platonic Relationship has no expectations
Platonic Relationship has no expectations (source: interconnected lives)

Part of what separates Platonic Love from romantic love is expectation. Having expectations are rather natural when it comes to romantic relationships.

You give your heart and trust to someone and expect them to return you with the same feeling. You expect your lover to give you the attention, affection, and loyalty you desire.

Platonic love does not abide you with shared commitments- no family, no mortgage, no pets, no shared finances, you don’t owe each other anything nor expect more than a regular friendship.

When you and your other partner realize that you hold no other expectations from each other, that’s when you can say it is a strictly platonic relationship. You don’t expect much from the other party rather than spending quality time together now and then. You don’t need to dedicate and commit yourself to the relationship to go on.

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Platonic Love Is Selfless

platonic relationship is selfless
A platonic relationship is selfless (source: Canvas 8)

Committed relationships sometimes require us to prioritize the relationship first and may compel us to act in a way we necessarily don’t want to.

Although these acts might appear selfless on the surface since you do something to benefit your partner, however on a closer look they are selfish.

They are selfish in the sense that you do them to stabilize and keep your relationship going strong. In a romantic relationship, the relationship itself comes as the priority.

In a platonic friendship, you would rather let the other party hear what they need to hear regardless of how it might affect the friendship itself.

If it drives a wedge between you temporarily or even permanently you still do it because you want what is best for them. This act is considered selfless in the sense that you hope that your platonic friend will benefit despite not gaining anything in return.

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