Pregnant Ashley James celebrates one year anniversary with boyfriend Tommy!

Ashley James is pregnant with the baby of her boyfriend Tommy. And the couple has been dating now for the past year. They celebrated their first anniversary of togetherness and to mark the occasion, Ashley posted a number of pictures of the couple on her social media.

Ashley James and boyfriend Tommy and their first anniversary

Ashley James and her boyfriend Tommy began dating one year back. And now on their one-year anniversary, she uploaded numerous sweet and cute photos of the two on her Instagram. Ashley, 32 captioned the post:

‘It’s the 1st December which means it’s exactly 365 days ago since we went on our first date… ❤️ 

‘We both said from the beginning we wanted an adventure, and this year has certainly been that… I can’t wait to see where next year takes us.

‘They always say you find someone when you’re not looking, but I suppose mine is the opposite. 

‘I’d been so happy single, didn’t like men much anymore, and had such a wonderful life on my own surrounded by friends… But I decided about a month before meeting Tommy to put some effort into dating again.’ 

Ashley and Tommy [Source: Daily Mail UK]

More about Ashley’s Instagram post

Ashley continued to narrate her experiences during the dating process. She wrote:

‘I felt open to the idea of meeting someone again and knew that wouldn’t happen at a DJ gig or in my flat where I hosted many an epic dinner party with my friends. 

‘I downloaded the dreaded dating apps again, made my profile as anti-fu*k boy proof as possible, and tried to keep an open mind.’ 

Ashley and Tommy [Source: News Chain]
When Ashley met Tommy, she had been single for almost six years. She said that this helped her to know herself better. She knew that she was independent and hence that led to her bad dating experiences. Ashley posted:

‘To be honest, I didn’t know if I was “too independent”, and I always found it hard to connect with someone because I grew up in so many different backgrounds I never quite felt like I fit in to any. 

‘I definitely didn’t know if I’d meet someone with good values and morals as my experiences had tainted my views.”

Ashley and her independence

She found love in Tommy who was as independent as her:

‘But I did. I met someone as independent as me, with the same sense of adventure, (a lot more patience)… and whilst it’s been one hell of a year, it’s never felt too rushed or like I’ve lost myself.”

Ashley and Tommy [Source: Daily Mail UK]
She mentioned the amazing things about this new relationship:

‘I’m still the same Ashley as I was single, I’ve never had to compromise my friends, hobbies, or interests to be in this relationship, and I’ve gained such an amazing family.

‘Being single for 6 years taught me so much about my self, allowed me to work on areas I needed to in myself (and learn a lot of lessons about myself), and gave me the power and knowledge to know that life is perfectly wonderful alone.’

In the end, she wrote:

‘This definitely led me to this healthy and lovely relationship. It may have taken me to 32 to meet someone, but I’d have waited another decade to meet this guy. 

‘I can’t wait for the next 365 days of adventure as mum and dad, but also as us. I hope our son grows up just like you (but with my banter).’

Ashley’s baby is due in January 2021.

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