Pregnant wife Hayley Stommel with her husband Tyler Hubbard reveals about their child’s sex

A wonderful good news that hit all the media!!! The member from Florida Georgia Line i.e. Tyler Hubbard and his wife Hayley Stommel recently revealed about the pregnancy and now they opened up that they are going to have a baby boy. The celeb took Instagram to open up on her babies’ sex.

Embracing the feeling of the parenthood is something adorable. After they have a baby, the responsibilities become bigger and the parenthood is not an easy task. But parents love their child to see growing near their eyes, they happily admire all the things that their babies do. The days would be special for the parents when they get their baby on their lap.

Baby shower party

Soon after they know about the baby’s gender, they organize a party and invited all their close friends, family, and relatives. And said:

Dirt bikes or diamonds? ….. dirt bikes it is everybody. We can’t believe our first baby is a boy and just incase y’all were wondering this is my #currentmood Thanks @kaileydickerson for the ????

Moreover, she added:

Tyler’s all geared up for a BOY!!!! Can’t freaking wait! ????????????????#diamondsordirtbikes#genderreveal #itsaBOY ????:@justinmrusek ????:@crumbdelacrumb

Her friends who are too pregnant joined her party. Where she added:

These babies have no idea how much fun is about to come their way! Thrilled to be a mama-to-be alongside these 2 beauties!

The couple is really excited for their baby and said:

‘We’re both over the moon that our first will be a little boy!

‘I thought it might be a boy, but Tyler was 1,000 percent confident it would be – so confident that some of our friends brought us baby boy gifts.’

Similarly, after that Tyler wrote:

 ‘I’m pretty stoked,’

‘I’m just really excited that we can officially talk about it now and get it out there and not have to keep a secret anymore. But next year is going to be a lot of fun. I think we’re having a Christmas baby.’

Tyler and Hayley got married in July 2015 and now they are expecting their first child and few days before, she said:

We’ve had such a hard time not telling everybody for the last few months because we are SO excited…. WE ARE PREGNANT. Holy cow we’re going to be parents. God is so good and we can’t wait for this next chapter of our life. #lilhubbard

Tyler poured his excitement and said:

“There’s a lot of excitement — it’s something we’ve looked forward to for a while,” 

Hayley too added on the same feeling. And wrote:

“We’d just gotten back from California and I wasn’t sleeping … I woke up one night and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh. I’m pregnant.’ ”

“So I took a test the next morning and I couldn’t even contain myself, I was so excited. I honestly didn’t have time to think of how to surprise Tyler, so I just jumped back into bed and showed him the pregnancy stick,”

Update on the pregnancy

The couple had a baby girl on 23 December 2017 and named her Olivia.

Short Bio on Tyler Hubbard

Tyler Hubbard is an American musician. He is best known as a member of the Nashville-based duo Florida Georgia Line. He is famous for his album, Here’s to the Good Times which reached #1 on the US Country charts. More Bio…