People want Prince William to be the next King after Queen Elizabeth II! Will the Queen agree?

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The people of the UK want to see Prince William as the next King instead of Prince Charles when the Queen dies. Prince William is more popular probably due to his youth and sincerity towards his royal duties. But will Queen Elizabeth II heed to the mass demand of the public. The royal experts have spoken on this on the new documentary on Channel 5 called William and Kate: Too Good to be True.

The next king of the UK-Prince William or Prince Charles?

Prince Charles is the next in line of succession when the Queen steps down from the throne either due to ill health, advanced age, or death. But somehow, people do not find him befitting enough to take up the reigns of a king. They would rather like to have Prince William as the next King and not Prince Charles. The popular demand is in favor of seeing Prince William ascend the throne after the Queen descends it.

Prince William with father Charles [Source: The Telegraph]
Royal expert Victoria Arbiter  spoke on the documentary aired on Channel 5 called William and Kate: Too Good to be True. She revealed that people want Prince William as the next king. She said:

“There are a lot of people who want to skip Charles and go straight to William.”

“It would be shocking to skip Prince Charles, I think that’s more driven by William’s youth.”

Will the Queen agree to this popular demand?

But for this, the Queen has to consent. But royal correspondent of the channel,  Simon Vigar  said that the Queen would never agree to this because neither she nor William like breaking rules. He said:

The Queen doesn’t believe in breaking the rules, she does not want Charles to step aside when she passes. William doesn’t want that to happen.”

“He will be William the 5th one day and she will be Queen Catherine, and I honestly think what you see is what you get. They’re not fakes.”

William, Queen, and Charles [Source: BBC]

Prince William’s dedication to his royal duties!

William is the most popular among the royal members. He and his wife Kate conduct themselves well and also perform their royal duties diligently. Even during the lockdown, the couple carried out their duties through virtual means. And now with the easing of the lockdown, they are doing in-person duties.

The other royals have also started their in-person royal duties. The first to begin was Princess Anne  and later Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall visited London in order to welcome the French President Emmanuel Macron.

Prince William went to take a look at and meet scientists of the Oxford Vaccine Group at the Churchill Hospital. But he practices the best practices for coronavirus pandemic.

William and Kate [Source: Insider]
He keeps a safe social distance and also wears a face mask when in public on a royal engagement. During the meeting, he discussed with the group making the COVID-19 vaccine and also had a chat with the volunteers who registered for the trial.

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