After Queen Elizabeth II Died, A Double Rainbow Comforted Mourners Outside Buckingham Palace!

After Queen Elizabeth II Died, A Double Rainbow Comforted Mourners Outside Buckingham Palace!
A double rainbow appeared over Buckingham Palace right after the Queen's death was announced. source: Standard
  • The British public witnessed a double rainbow over Buckingham Palace as they mourned the Queen’s death.
  • Thousands of people turned around to take pictures of the magnificent view on a sad day.
  • The view appeared right after the palace announced that the 96-year-old monarch was no more.

Right after Queen Elizabeth II died, a double rainbow appeared over Buckingham Palace

As the whole world is shocked by the death of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a beautiful double rainbow appeared over Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

As thousands stood outside the palace gate on the gloomy day after the tragic news was out, a beautiful rainbow appeared after a heavy downpour.

The rainbow comforted the crowd outside the palace. source: Standard

It was in fact the most beautiful the palace has ever been. Her Majesty’s official residence for most of her historic 70-year reign looked spectacular even in her absence. Many believe that it was her way of telling her beloved public that she is always with them in spirit.

A huge crowd had already started gathering outside London’s iconic monument ever since it was announced that her Majesty was under medical supervision.

Even in the heavy rainfall, the people eagerly waited outside the palace gate hoping the Queen was all well. Unfortunately, the news of her demise became public, something which we all were prepared for.

Thousands waited outside the palace gate to pay their respects to the Queen. source: BBC

The double rainbow gave comfort to those in the crowd who were devastated by the news.

At 6:30 p.m. London time, the palace officially announced that the 96-year-old monarch passed away peacefully at her favorite home, Balmoral in Scotland.

With the rainbow arching through the dark sky, an emotional crowd sang a forlorn God Save the King as Prince Charles now was the King of England.

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People feel the Queen’s death is a personal loss

Many wept as UK’s national flag the Union Jack was lowered before the crowd felt a numbed silence.

The amazing rainbow was not just seen above the Palace but several other landmarks including Elizabeth Tower in Westminster, the Queen Victoria Memorial, and Windsor Castle.

The rainbow is proof that even in the darkest times, something magical can appear.

One royal fan commented:

”Her Majesty is watching over us.”

The public felt a deep personal loss after the Queen’s death. source: BBC

Another one wrote:

”must be really special when nature reponds to someone’s death”

One fan compared the loss of  the Queen to losing a family member and said:

“She is the mother of our nation. She was heroic in so many situations. My respect for her is incredible, but my love is even bigger. We will grieve our loss for years,”

The Queen, one of the most prominent and iconic global figures celebrated her Platinum Jubilee earlier this year which marked her 70 iconic years on the British throne since succeeding her father King George VI in 1952.

Her Majesty was only 25 when she took on the role of the Queen of England.

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