Rachel Lindsay, the attorney of The Bachelorette fame: Her career and thoughts after that!

Rachel Lindsay, the attorney of The Bachelorette fame: Her career and thoughts after that!

Rachel Lindsay, American attorney and reality TV star, was the first Black woman to be the lead in the ABC channel show The Bachelorette in 2017. After that success of finding love on the show, Rachel has entered entertainment industry full-time. What did she do after the ABC show?

Rachel Lindsay on The Bachelorette

American attorney, Rachel Lindsay was a participant on the show The Bachelor. And she was surprised when she was asked to lead season 13 of the show on ABC The Bachelorette.

Rachel managed to find love on the show in Bryan Abasolo whom she married on the show. Viewers criticized her for her choice of a husband. And suddenly, Rachel realized that there were a lot of demands associated with being a public figure. She explained:

“I quickly learned that we had to protect what we had, and stop trying to prove it to other people and convince people to know what we knew to be true,” she says. “I wish I could share more of my relationship. But the moment you do that, you have to continue to provide more and you have to continue to answer.”

Rachel Lindsay
Rachel Lindsay with Bryan (Source: The Knot News

The Bachelorette was okay since the contestants were in a limited area for a temporary time. But she feels that she can never feel comfortable in reality shows where you have to constantly reveal your personal life details to the viewers. Now, she is protective of her relationship with Bryan and would not make big public announcements on any update in this relationship.

After The Bachelorette….what came next?

After the show, Rachel returned to her hometown Dallas, Texas and did her law practice. But she was keen on some media opportunities. She was co-host of ESPN’s Football Frenzy radio show in Connecticut. In 2019, she left her legal practice and jumped full-time into the media world.

Rachel Lindsay
Rachel on Extra (Source: Extra TV)

Rachel started work with Extra as their on-air correspondent. In this, she interviewed celebrities such as Halle Bailey, Anthony Anderson, and Bachelor host Chris Harrison. But the change in leadership of Extra did not suit her. It collided with her responsibilities and she opted to quit the channel. Rachel told xoNecole:

I just didn’t fit within the new regime,” 

What is Rachel doing now?

Rachel Lindsay
Rachel and her podcast (Source: Spotify)

Rachel is concentrating on self. She wants to rest and renew now. Currently, she finds time to enjoy lunch with friends and also take a trip to Europe. These things she could not do when she was with Extra due to her busy schedules. She expressed:

“You ask me what I have time to do? Take care of me,” 

Nonetheless, Rachel has two podcasts on which she is focusing her energy: Higher Learning show with Van Lathan, and Morally Corrupt. The first is about race and politics, while the second talks about favorite Bravo reality shows. Rachel was invited to take part in recent seasons of The Bachelor franchise, but she has declined the offers. She prefers to talk to people she knows off-air rather than on-air.

Rachel Lindsay
Rachel Lindsay (Source: YouTube)

Rachel would be 40 in a year or two. She wants to do something for the older population:

I think I could do something in that space about adulthood and getting older and maybe questioning things in life because I think we all do it,”

She continued:

“We’ll see what comes out of this state that I’m in.”

Short bio on Rachel Lindsay

Rachel Lindsay is an American attorney and reality TV star. More bio …

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