Ras Al Khaimah wedding: An Emirati family demands a negative COVID-19 test from attendees at the wedding!

Ras Al Khaimah wedding: An Emirati family demands a negative COVID-19 test from attendees at the wedding!
  • Imagine attending a wedding after proving that you are not having a coronavirus infection!
  • This is just what an Emirati family from Ras Al Khaimah demanded from its guests at the wedding.
  • The wedding was an intimate affair.
  • Yet, the family did not want to take any chances.
  • It asked its limited guest list to first show a negative COVID-19 test before attending the ceremony.

Ras Al Khaimah wedding and the intimate affair

The coronavirus pandemic and lockdown restrictions have hit weddings the most. People postponed weddings due to it. And now, some weddings are happening but with a lot of limitations.

The guest list is small and the affair an intimate one. Social distancing is practiced and face masks are mandatory for the guests.

Ras Al Khaimah wedding [Source: Gulf Today]
But now an Emirati family from Ras Al Khaimah went a bit too far. They demanded that all the guests who attend the occasion should have a negative COVID-19 test as proof that they are eligible to attend the ceremony.

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More about the special and unusual wedding

The family from Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE did not want to take any chances on the occasion of the wedding of their daughter.

They invited the closest of their relatives to the affair. But they made it mandatory that all the guests should present a valid negative Covid-19 test result.

The small and private affair was in the Maamura area of Ras Al Khaimah. Dr. Juma Hassan Al Mullah Al Mansuri was the bride’s father and he said:

“Guests were asked to do a Covid-19 test and present a negative certificate – instead of the regular invitation card – to be allowed in the wedding,”

RAK wedding [Source: MSN]
The number of guests at the party was only 25. All other safety measures were in place. Physical distancing was done and there were no hugs or handshakes on the occasion. Face masks were compulsory and hand sanitizers were kept everywhere for the guests to use.

The bride’s father said:

“We did not want the couple or the family to start a new life with unfortunate Covid-19 infections,”

The wedding decorations

The wedding though small was an extravagant one. It was at the family’s house. The whole house was decorated with hundreds of fairy lights.

The bride’s aunt, Mahla Hassan Al Mulla said of the decorations and lighting:

“This way, we managed to share our happiness with our friends and neighbors who were not able to attend the wedding,”

Since the time that UAE has seen the coronavirus infection, there were several occasions where irresponsible family gatherings caused the spread of the disease.

Last month, five families had a get-together and 47 members were positive for the virus. In May as well 2 families had a party and 30 people came out as positive for the deadly virus.

RAK [Source: Visit RAK]
Some responsible families have put up polite notices to say no to guests. Mohamed Ibrahim, an Emirati who lives in Ras Al Khaimah said:

“Some households here have placed notices on their main doors, saying that they were sorry for not being able to receive any guest considering the global pandemic,”