Rashida Jones reveals that late musician, Michael Jackson used to get snakes and chimps during music recordings!

American actress Rashida Jones is the daughter of the famous music producer Quincy Jones. She spoke to Jimmy Kimmel on his TV show and talked about growing up with the late Michael Jackson. Rashida said that Michael would get snakes and chimps on visits and during music recordings. She also revealed that she has grown up with some famous celebrities and to hang out with them was normal for her.

Rashida Jones talks of her childhood

Rashida Jones recently was on the TV talk show of Jimmy Kimmel. She spoke about her childhood and how it was growing up with her famous father Quincy Jones. She had the opportunity to meet and hang out with some famous celebrities during her childhood days. When she was a child, she could meet celebrities of the Sinatra family and the late musician Michael Jackson. She revealed on the show that hanging out with such big names of the industry was normal for her.

Rashida said:

“I think growing up in the 70s and the 80s probably fixed a lot of problems that in your head you would imagine because there’s no social media, there’s no technology basically except for landlines and Betamax,”

“I was definitely aware that you know, the people around me were beloved worldwide, but not really because there was no Internet,”

Rashida talks Michael Jackson

The gorgeous actress of the USA revealed that she would also meet the late pop star Michael Jackson during his visits to her dad’s music studio. And Michael would not come alone. He used to have with him some of his exotic animals such as snakes and chimps. Rashida said:

“He was like a kid when my dad first started working with him, so he was just happy to hang out. He’d sometimes bring his boa constrictor, his chimp. It wasn’t, you know, your normal family friend,”

Rashida and Michael Jackson and his chimp [Source: Daily Mail UK]
She revealed that she was present when Michael was recording his famous 1982 album Thriller. Besides her childhood, Rashida also spoke about her upcoming film project On the Rocks.

Rashida’s new film On the Rocks

The actress has starred in the soon-to-be-released film On the Rocks. Her co-stars in the film are Bill Murray and Marlon Wayans. The film director is Sofia Coppola. The film has been released in select theaters. It will premiere on Apple TV+ on 23 October 2020.

Rashida also revealed that since Marlon was touring during the COVID-19 pandemic, he did not travel in the same car as her, Bill, and Sofia. He came to the premiere site in a different car. Rashida felt very bad about the fact that she could not hug Marlon for the same reason.

Rashida and Jimmy [Source: ABC News]
She said:

“I want nothing more than to hug Marlon, I love Marlon, but like I can’t, we can’t take that chance. It was Bill’s 70th birthday that would have been not cool,”

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