Rebeccah Blum, Berlin-based independent curator allegedly murdered by photographer Saul Fletcher!

Rebeccah Blum, Berlin-based independent curator allegedly murdered by photographer Saul Fletcher!
  • Rebeccah Blum, a USA-born Berlin-based independent curator died last week.
  • Her daughter Emma Blum announced the news on her social media lately.
  • Rebeccah was the owner of an art management firm in Berlin.

Rebeccah Blum and her death

It was sad news to learn that USA-born Berlin-based art curator Rebeccah Blum is no more. She died last week in Berlin. Her daughter Emma Blum confirmed the news on her social media.

Rebeccah [Source: Tek Deeps]
On her Instagram, Emma wrote:

“I want to take a moment to talk about my mom. Rebeccah. The person who supported me through every crisis, who raised me and loved me unconditionally. The amazing cook, who could open the fridge and magically make a dish out of something nobody would ever expect to taste good. Who, when she told a story, would sometimes get up, gesturing all over the place, so animated and excited in what she had to tell. I miss her silly ways and the conversations we had in the evening while cooking together. She taught me card tricks and games, took me to the forest to go mushroom hunting.”

The mourning daughter added:

“I love her so much and I miss her so terribly. She was just by taken from me, without warning and in such a violent way by one of the people she loved. I can never forgive this and I can never forget this. I want her name to be remembered and nobody else’s.”

Suicide or murder or both?

Rebeccah’s dead body was found last week. British-born photographer Saul Fletcher is allegedly the murderer of the art curator. A spokesperson for the Berlin Public Prosecutor’s Office stated:

“According to the present state of knowledge, [Fletcher] first killed the woman you named [Rebeccah Blum] and then committed suicide. Investigations into the causes of death and the circumstances of the crime are still ongoing.”

Rebeccah and Saul [Source: The Art News]
It is not clear why he killed Rebeccah and then committed suicide.

Rebeccah’s career

Rebeccah was a director at ScheiblerMitte Gallery in Berlin from 2006 up to 2011. Solo shows of work by Joe Zucker, Anthony Goicolea, and Michel Auder were mounted at ScheiblerMitte.

She also served on the gallery’s production of its exhibition catalogs and contributed texts on the work of Ad Reinhardt, Alice Neel, and others. Later, she started her firm, Blum Fine Art Management.

Rebeccah was a well-known face in the arts scene of Berlin.

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Rebeccah [Source: The Art News]
Her curatorial credits include a 2009 group exhibition titled “Shadow/Existence”. She had arranged it with Jennifer Bork.

She was also operating Wordsmith, which was an editing service doing German-to-English translation and the production of texts in these two languages.

Additionally, she has been the European representative of New York’s David Nolan Gallery for over a decade now.

David said:

“Rebeccah excelled at explaining art to clients and curators.  She was a great communicator and a very warm person that always put the artists and clients at ease. I could trust her totally to choose works from an artist’s studio and make studio visits and liaise for me with dealers and others in our complicated contemporary art world.”

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