Right steps in the right direction can bring down the rising coronavirus cases in the USA!

Right steps in the right direction can bring down the rising coronavirus cases in the USA!

The handling of the USA coronavirus crisis started late and went haywire due to the poor governance at the head. But now experts claim that if properly handled, it would need just 6-8 weeks to bring the pandemic in the USA under control. But the country requires the right steps in the right direction for perfect results. This would help people and the economy. And life can get back to normal.

USA and the current coronavirus scenario

America currently tops the list of worst-affected nations followed by Brazil and India. It has crossed the 5 million mark on affected cases. Many states showed a mild flattening of their curves for some time but again the cases and deaths showed a surge. Dr. Deborah Birx, the Trump administration’s coronavirus response coordinator called it a new phase of the pandemic. The virus is everywhere and seems to show no signs of ebbing.

Lockdown protests in the USA [Source: TOI]
The people of the USA are tired of the semi-lockdown and want some respite out of it. School reopening is debatable and test results are delayed. Face mask wearing is not universal and the reason of this chaos is clear. The country leaders’ poor, inco-ordinated, and contradictory actions led to these failures.

What are the right steps?

A lot is now known about the virus and could be utilized to control the infection. It is clear that the virus is highly transmissible and spreads by coughing, sneezing, shouting, and singing. The places most likely to spread the virus are nursing homes, meat-packaging plants, bars, churches, and large close gatherings.

Lockdown in the USA [Source: Al Jazeera]
It is also clear that the measures that public health experts have been stressing over the past many months still hold true in the control of the virus. Social distancing, hand hygiene, and wearing face masks continue to be helpful in checking viral spread. Therefore, these should be used properly to curb the viral transmission.

What should a country leader do?

A clear and consistent scientific message should come out of the mouth of the President of the nation, Donald Trump. The confusion that he and his team have created should stop and they should move in a scientific way to rectify all the wrongs previously done. They should coordinate their efforts and make face masks wearing in public places mandatory. Additionally, they should emphasize on social distancing. And at the same time, ban all gatherings.

Donald Trump (Source: CNN)

The government should make use of the available data on the virus and inform the public about it. Dr. Tom Frieden, the former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had rightly said:

“The United States has a glut of data and a dearth of information.”

These data should guide interventions. The government should increase on testing and reports should come early. And the government has hold on some vital data which it should make public. CDC can help sort it out in a useful way. Smart lockdowns should come and blanket lockdowns should go. One can improve on contact tracing and the government should use the already-available tools  to clamp down on the pandemic.

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