#RIPEminem-the top trending hashtag on Twitter in the USA! How did it originate?

#RIPEminem-the top trending hashtag on Twitter in the USA! How did it originate?


All sort of bizarre things and trends happen on the social media and this is on the rise especially in this year. The latest crazy thing to happen was the viral tweet on #RIPEminem. There was no particular explanation for it but it sent the fans and people of the music world into a frenzy and concern.

#RIPEminem trending on Twitter in the USA

On early Tuesday 18 August 2020, a hashtag started trending on Twitter in the USA. It was that of #RIPEminem. And it still continues to top the trending topics on social media. All the followers and music industry people were shaken on reading this. They were immediately concerned but later assured when they came to know that it was fake news and all is well with Eminem.

Eminem [Source: Wikipedia]
Who started this trend and how did it spread so fast and so falsely? No one has an explanation for it until now. But the assuring thing is that Eminem, the rapper is well and healthy. Neither his family nor his management has released any statement about his ill-health or other problems.

Theories on the origin of the Twitter trend

It seems to have all started from one Twitter user called @Levicumsock. He put up a tweet which read:

“I have killed Eminem.”

The originator Tweet [Source: Alternative Press Magazine]
After this, the user switched his account to private. But this was the starting point and began the trending hashtag of #RIPEminem.

It is said that this user posted several posts of #RIPEminem before he went private. And most users started using this same hashtag to discuss about Eminem and express their concerns about his health. There were many others who started using the same hashtag to make memes and have some fun. And this all made the hashtag a trending topic on social media.

Concerns and tweets of fans

One fan wrote:


And another Twitter user tweeted:

“#ripeminem You’ll forever be in our hearts.”

And another wrote:

Me checking twitter to make sure Eminem is okay #ripeminem

And another Twitter user remarked:

rest in piece emily

i’ll miss you forever


And one more wrote:

So sad, 2020 strikes again #ripeminem

And one Twitter user wrote:

“Why is #ripeminem trending he is alive stop doing this it’s 2020 aka the worst year of all time.”
Eminem [Source: YouTube]
Eminem is a rapper and he was born on 17 October 1972. He is aged 47 years now. He is also a record producer. he has attained global success and is a hip hop rapper. Besides, he represents the underclass and popular angst. Eminem also has some controversial image. His debut album was in 1996 called Infinite. In 2005, he went into a hiatus and was into drugs. In 2009, he returned with Relapse album.
He faced a lot of problems in his personal life. He met Kimberly Anne Scott in high school and married her. They divorced in 2001 after the birth of their daughter Hailie in 1995. But again they remarried in 2006 for a brief time. He took custody of Dawn (late twin sister of Kimberly) whose name is Alaina. Kim has another daughter from her other relationship named Whitney. Eminem adopted her as well.