Quality of real rockstar- Lady Gaga And her Fan Fell Off The Stage while performing In Las Vegas, but handled the situation!

You guys know Lady Gaga is on tour right?

Gaga worried about her fan

While performing at the  MGM’s Park Theater, Lady Gaga invited a fan called Jack to join her on stage. She gave him a hug, wrapped her legs around him. After some bit of bounce, the fan lost his footing and both fell to the floor.

Gaga’s team rushed to help her after her fall. But this Grammy winner handled the situation very well. Gaga brought Jack back on the stage and asked whether the fan was fine or not. She said:

“You all right? Come on. Everything’s fine. It’s not your fault. Let’s go.”

She made sure that Jack did not feel guilty about the incident. Moreover, she also asked him to join her at the piano for her performance in  ‘A Million Reasons’. And gave him a fan hug and asked to forgive himself.

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Fans worried about Gaga’s health

Back in 2103, in the midst of her Born This Way Ball tour, she had a serious injury. At that time, She tore a ring of soft tissue in her right hip. And had to undergo surgery and had to cancel the remaining dates of the world tour.

Gaga’s fans were worried if that was going to repeat. Gaga lives with fibromyalgia. A long-term condition, fibromyalgia causes pain all over the body. It can also lead to increase sensitivity to pain, fatigue, muscle stiffness, memory problems, and sleeping difficulties.

Her fans tweeted as:

“She almost break [sic] her hip again”

 “The mdfkin hip!!!!! THE HIP!!!!!”

“We legitimately thought she was dead”

On the other hand, Gaga reassured the crowd by saying:

“Everything is OK,The only thing that’s not OK is we need some stairs for the damn stage so I can get back up.”

After her performance, Gaga shared pictures of her post-show recovery routine on her Instagram account. They will surely help out with any bumps and bruises incurred by the on-stage accident. The post had pictures of an ice bath, a hot bath, and a compression suit.

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Requested the internet not to be mean

In the defense of the fan, Gaga returned to the stage with Jack at her side. She also gave an example of Jack and Rose. And said:

“It’s amazing, We love each other so much we fell off the damn stage. We fell into each other’s arms. We’re like Jack and Rose from Titanic. I suppose we should have some tea after that.”

Consoling Jack Gaga said everything is fine and not to worry. She asked him to promise to forgive yourself right now for what happened on the stage. Another fan posted a video of Gaga requesting her fans not to be mean and drop hatred for Jack by telling the audience:

“If anyone on the internet is mean to you tomorrow about this then I’m going to be very upset with each and every one of them.”

A short bio on Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga is an American singer, actress, and songwriter. She released her debut album titled ‘The Fame’ and her second album ‘Born This Way’ was released in 2011. She is one of the best-selling music artists in history with 27 million albums sold. more bio…

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