Rod Stewart visited a hair salon and came out after 3 hours looking virtually the same!

Rod Stewart visited a hair salon and came out after 3 hours looking virtually the same!

Rod Stewart owns a lovely melodious voice for which he is famous. But his spiky blond hair also gives him a lot of headlines. And recently, Rod went to a high-end salon in Mayfair.

And the result: same. There was no difference in his hair look before and after though he had spent almost three hours in it!

Rod Stewart and his recent salon visit

Singer Rod, 75 has a great voice but he is also famous for his spiky blond mane. He does take great pains to maintain his hair and spends nearly £6,000 per year on them.

Rod at Mayfair (Source: Daily Mail UK)

Recently, the singer visited a high-end celebrity salon, Steven Carey salon in Mayfair. He arrived in a chauffeur-driven car with his wife Penny Lancaster. And he was inside in a private room of the salon for about three hours. He entered the salon at 1.20 pm wearing his sunglasses.

And he came out at 4.10 pm. But when he emerged after three hours of hair care work, he look virtually the same. The only difference was that his hair was looking a bit blonder. So what did he and his hairdresser do inside?

What did Penny Lancaster do during that time?

Wife Penny, 48 did not wait during their lengthy pampering session with Rod. Instead, she decided to go shopping. She was inside an Apple Store for nearly one hour. Penny is Rod’s third wife and they wed in 2007. The couple shares two children; son Alastair, 14, and son Aiden, 8.

The salon that Rod visited is, of course, an expensive one with prices starting at £45. Most of the affluent customers who come there spend almost £185 on their hairdos.

Rod (Source: Pinterest)

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Rod Stewart’s connection with the salon

Rod is a regular customer of the celebrity salon. Earlier reports had claimed that Rod spends £340 per session to get his hair trimmed and pre-bleached and he does it every few weeks.

Steven Carey salon (Source: Steven Carey)

He gets VIP treatment every time he goes to the salon. Besides, they also serve him sandwiches on a silver platter. An insider had said:

Rod is quite pedantic about his locks. He gets high and lowlights put in every three weeks, and even if his hair doesn’t really need doing he’ll still come in to get it tweaked, either with a few strokes of colour or a tiny trim.”

His recent visit was just before his performance at Tuesday night’s Brit Awards. His act was during the closing ceremony with his former Faces bandmate Ronnie Wood. The venue was London’s O2 arena and it was to mark the event’s 40th anniversary.

Short bio on Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart is a renowned British singer-songwriter, largely popular in the US and the UK. Likely, Stewart is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, having sold over 100 million records worldwide. More bio…

Source: Daily Mail UK

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