Roman Reigns and his wife Galina Becker married with 5 children! Baby twins on the way?

Roman Reigns and his wife Galina Becker married with 5 children! Baby twins on the way?
  • Roman Reigns and his wife Galina Becker already have twin children and Galina is again pregnant with twin children.
  • The family of 5 is going to the family of seven.

Roman revealed,

“Three, with two in the oven. I’m looking to be papa bear of five. Breaking news—we haven’t really shared that.”

Roman Reigns and his daughter
Roman Reigns and his daughter (Source: YouTube)

On 14th December 2008, Galina gave birth to her daughter Joella Anoa’i. After eight years of birth of Joella, she again gave birth to twin boys in 2016.

Reigns revealed that they did not make the birth of twin official,

“It’s funny how people come up with, like, all these conclusions. Like, nobody knew what was going on with me. I’m not like (The) Miz where I announce it on every RAW. ‘He’s sick!’, ‘something happened!’,”

He added,

“he got in trouble!’, ‘oh no, he did it again!’ And then, no, like, I went home because I was having babies! We didn’t talk about it (in public); that was a year ago.”

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Roman Reigns and Galina Becker’s marriage

Roman and Galina walked down the aisle on 6th December 2014. They met each other during her years at the Georgia Institute of Technology. They dated for a few years before getting engaged in the year 2012.

Roman Reigns and Galina Becker
Roman Reigns and Galina Becker (Source: Daily Mail)

Roman and Galina walked down the aisle on Castaway Cay, which is owned by Disney. Both of them are big Disney fans and they wed in the song A Whole New World from Aladdin movie. Both of them danced in the song together.

They have been spotted together several times during WWE events.

Who is Galina Becker?

Galina Becker is a former athlete and a fitness model. She completed her studies at Mt. Pleasant High School. Becker was a great performer in hurdles and high jumping. Similarly, she trained under Steve Nelson, who started as a school teacher at Mt. Pleasant.

Galina was educated by the Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in management. Becker used to perform in track and field events often. After her graduation, she started off as a fitness model.

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Roman Reigns name banned from TV

Roman Reigns have been battling leukemia due to which he has a high risk of getting infected from the ongoing coronavirus. Due to this reason, his name has been withdrawn from the competition.

Wrestler Roman Reigns
Wrestler Roman Reigns (Source: YouTube)

Likewise, there has been an order for WWE employees to not mention his name on television. Also, there was a suggestion that Reigns’ WWE future was in doubt after he made the choice to pull out of the WrestleMania title match as he needed to put his health first, due to him being at more of a risk.

Short bio on Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is an American professional wrestler, actor, former professional Canadian football player.

Currently, he has signed to WWE where he performs under the ring. He is famous as a Professional Wrestler. He is well known for his appearance on ‘WWE Raw’ or ‘Monday Night Raw’. Read more bio…

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