Ron Cephas Jones Daughter Says She Can’t Watch Father Die On TV Screen; Has A Wife To Flaunt?

Ron Cephas Jones Daughter Says She Can’t Watch Father Die On TV Screen; Has A Wife To Flaunt?
  • One of the most special relationships in the world is between father and daughter.
  • And a girl loves her dad the most in the world and it’s disturbing to imagine, the death of your beloved father.

So how can you watch him die onscreen?

The daughter of Ron Cephas Jones Jasmine Cephas Jone, with a singer, shares a similar emotion, as it was difficult for her to see her father die onscreen.

What was the reason? And is he a married man with a wife?

Let’s read to know.

Ron Cephas Jones’s Daughter Can’t Watch Father Die Onscreen:

On the NBC show “This Is Us” Ron Cephas Jones’ character William Hill has a tragic death in the episode “Memphis.

And Ron shares his beloved Jasmine Cephas Jones, with Reverend Kim Lesley. And Ron shared that Jasmine could not watch the death of his onscreen character “William Hill” in an interview in May 2017.

“It’s difficult to watch, I think for her, it’s just a little difficult for her, right now, to watch me in that scenario… I have a very close relationship with my daughter. She just said, ‘Dad, I just can’t watch it right now. It’s just very difficult for me to watch.’”

Moreover, Ron added,

She’ll come around whenever she’s ready to do so,”

Ron and Jasmine share an adorable relationship, and they are very close to each other as evident in their Instagram posts. Ron’s birthday falls on January 8 and on the same day he attended the Golden Globe Awards 2017, so his daughter Jasmine Face timed him to wish him on his birthday. And, Jasmine shared the face-timed picture on Instagram on January 8, 2017.

Also, Jasmine attended the screening of his father’s show “This Is Us” along with her parents. And she shared the picture where they are dressed for the occasion, on Instagram on March 14, 2017.

Ron time and again mentions his daughter with his jazz singer Reverend Kim Lesley. So you must be curious about his wife!

Is Ron Cepas Jones A Married Man?

The news regarding the relationship between Ron and Reverend Kim Lesley has not circulated in the media, so it remains unknown if they got married or not.

Thus, their divorce also is a mystery. It seems that Ron prefers to maintain privacy regarding his love life. so the least information about his romantic life has surfaced in the media. And his ardent fans are oblivious to the romantic side of Ron in real life.

The Reason Behind His Death

The 40-year-old Emmy winner revealed he had an uncle who passed away from cancer. He encouraged fans to reach out to their estranged relatives.

Because tomorrow is not promised. Sorry, sorry, man, but it’s not,’ Brown cried from his Vancouver hotel room.

‘You’ve got to let the people know while they’re here how much you appreciate them and how much you love them.’ 

‘The whole story was there; it’s just the way they’re doing their writing. It’s so beautiful and interesting, and it leaves it open for so many possibilities.’ Sterling teared up too after 80K users tuned into his 12-minute Facebook Live he posted minutes after the devastating show aired.

Short Bio on Ron Cephas Jones

Ron Cephas Jones was born on January 8, 1957, in New Jersey. Ron Cepas Jones looks younger than his age, but he is 60 years old. He is a veteran actor on the New York theater scene. The biggest role he ever portrayed was in Richard III’s The Public Theater in 2012.

Ron in an interview shared his connection to Hamilton. He even shared that he is honored to be part of the industry.

So I was raising my daughter and I never wanted to leave her to come out here, and she was able to do that with me. And I kept getting these great theater jobs. To be able to travel with Sam Mendes and do The Bridge Project. And also do Shakespeare all around the world. Besides,  play the Old Vic and play the Old Globe and play Shakespeare at The Public. And to play Richard III and Prospero.

And coming out to L.A. and pursuing television, there are so many actors that I know have no idea how to do O’Neill or Tennessee Williams or August Wilson or Shakespeare. I just felt honored and great and I was still able to make a living, and now I’m able to make a little more — and still have the quality. Which always doesn’t happen, either. You can have the success, but not the quality.

The film credit of Ron includes Murder Magic, He Got a Game, Little Senegal, Paid in Full, Half Nelson, and the like. His television credit includes Law and Oder, NYC 22, Double Platinium, Word Of Honor, Low Winter Sun, Mr. Robot, The Get Down, Luke Cage, and This is Us. more bio…

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