Rumor about sexual orientation of legend of Fishing World, Jeremy Wade. Know more about his relationship, career and single life.

The only name which comes first while we think about catching extreme fishing and big fishes is Jeremy Wade.

The Legend of Fishing World Jeremy Wade.

He is a legend and is one of the renowned faces in the world of fishing.

Source: is there any more pie (Jeremy Wade)
Source: is there any more pie (The River Monster Jeremy Wade)

Why is he still single?

He has found many dangerous and big fishes within his lifetime but yet couldn’t find a partner or a female companion for his life. He is single to date and hasn’t dated anyone in his life.

There is no doubt in the thing that the fishing legend don’t like to disclose his personal life affair to the public. Reporters are well-known about the fact so they don’t ask him about his personal life.

Source: Travel
Source: Travel (Jeremy Wade with his big catch)

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Is he a Gay or Straight?

Being a public figure, it’s obvious that people make the rumor about his personal life, relationship and things going in his life. There’s always been a big question mark about his relationship status.

He may be enjoying his life along with the fishes and oceans. There were a lot of speculations that he may be secretly married and has a wife but for now, he has been single.

Source: Illustrated
Source: Illustrated (Jeremy Wade)

We all know that when famous personalities are single for a long time then people start to gossip about his/her sexual orientation. Aren’t you guys fed-up from such judgemental news?

Nowadays there is rumor flying around that he may be gay as he hasn’t been involved in any relationship in his entire life. He has only focused all of his life on his career.

He may be in a relationship with his job and fishes all the way of his life. Furthermore, he doesn’t talk about his personal life or hasn’t shared the relationship with female companion doesn’t mean that he is gay.

Source: Animal Planet (Jeremy Wade)
Source: Animal Planet (Jeremy Wade)

Maybe he was busy focusing on career whole way to his life. Or maybe he didn’t find anyone who could take space of his partner. So, not all single guys are gay and we should completely understand this.

Open-book professional life of Jeremy Wade

Despite the fact that Jeremy has never opened up about his personal life, his professional life is an open book for all of us. He is known all over the world as an anchor in the TV Series ‘River Monster’. The first season of the series was aired in 2009.

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Short bio of Jeremy Wade

Jeremy Wade is an author and British television presenter. He is extremely prominent for his T.V series ‘River Monsters’ and ‘Jungle Hooks’. He is a hardworking person and has made a respectable position in the American television field. More bio…