Sabrina Parr gave an update on her ovarian cancer diagnosis post surgery!

Sabrina Parr gave an update on her ovarian cancer diagnosis post surgery!
Sabrina Parr (Source: Instagram)
  • Sabrina Parr underwent surgery after her ovarian cancer diagnosis
  • She is recovering from the surgery at present
  • She has two children who are her biggest strength 

Sabrina Parr is diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In her Instagram post, Sabrina revealed that she underwent surgery to get her cancerous tumor removed from the ovary. At the age of 34, Sabrina is diagnosed with cancer. She captioned the post,

“I have been quietly battling something for quite some time, and I’m finally ready to share it. I found out this year that I have been walking around with a malignant tumor inside my ovary that has grown to about 5 inches wide in size. I’m just now sharing because I’ve had to process a lot!”

Sabrina Parr underwent surgery for Ovarian cancer
Sabrina Parr underwent surgery for Ovarian cancer (Source: Instagram)

In the health update post, Parr added a photo of her getting a CT scan at the hospital and two close-up shots of her stomach. She said,

“I kept asking God, ‘why couldn’t you have just given me breast cancer since I already don’t have breast’ lol. Why put it right in the middle of my body? Why right now? I’ve been alive long enough to know that when God wants you to sit down, that’s when he’s preparing you to stand up even taller,”

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More on her health

Sabrina is trying to be strong for her two children. She revealed that she asked God to get her through the summer so that she would be able to get her two kids back to school so she will have more time to focus on her health. After the cancer diagnosis, she has left out working out for months.

Sabrina Parr and her children
Sabrina Parr and her children (Source: Instagram)

Parr has been through a lot recently and she fought depression as she struggled between pain and changes in her body. In spite of all the hardship, she got up every day. Sabrina will be doing all the necessary things to get healthy and be cancer-free. At present, she is unable to move due to the surgery and is recovering from the procedure.

Parr credited stress as a reason for her being sick. She would no longer be stressing herself and her body. She suggested,

“I want to say to all of you who may be going through something similar or anything at all; Do not just lay down and die! Instead, find new reasons to live! Figure out how to come alive again! At first I was preparing to die. Now I am preparing to live better than ever!!!”

Personal trainer Sabrina Parr
Personal trainer Sabrina Parr (Source: Instagram)

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Short bio on Sabrina Parr

Sabrina Parr is an award-winning American state track champion. Sabrina is also a businesswoman and entrepreneur.

She is a fitness program creator too. Read more bio…