Sasha Solomon Lost her Job after Criticizing Elon Musk after His Twitter Takeover!

Sasha Solomon Lost her Job after Criticizing Elon Musk after His Twitter Takeover!
Sasha Solomon criticized Elon Musk for his Twitter acquisition. source: NYP
  • Sasha Solomon was one of the many Twitter employees who lost their jobs after Musk bought Twitter.
  • The software engineer on Twitter tweeted her disapproval of the new CEO which left her jobless.
  • Musk laid off half the company’s 7500 workers in a bid to cut the company’s expenses.

Sasha Solomon lost her job after criticizing Elon Musk

Sasha Solomon, a software engineer was one of the many  Twitter employees who lost their jobs after criticizing the new owner, Elon Musk.

It was a bit shocking for Solomon, a software engineer at the social media giant in Portland to find that her account was suddenly locked. It happened when the Twitter employee was trying to check the latest updates and messages on Slack.

Next, Sasha tried pulling up her work email account, which did not open. Then she logged onto her personal email account where she found an email from a human resources executive at Twitter.

The unexpected email read:

Sasha Solomon
Sasha was at home when she found out she was fired. source: NYP

“Your recent behavior has violated company policy,” 

Ms. Solomon claimed that she then called her husband and said, “I guess I don’t work here anymore.”

Sasha later found out that she was one of the many employees who lost their jobs at the institution for challenging the new boss. For her part, Sasha had earlier expressed her disapproval of Elon’s plans of acquiring Twitter.

She is still not sure whether the challenging tweets caused her to be out or she was one of the 3700 employees who lost their jobs right after Musk took ownership of the office in October.

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How did Solomon land her job at Twitter?

Sasha grew up on the outskirts of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. She never imagined she would end up working at one of the world’s top companies.

Sasha studied computer science and mathematics at the University of Idaho. She wanted to stay in her home state and work there.

But a close friend of hers landed a good job at a tech company in San Francisco and also suggested she look for a job there. After some time, Solomon started working at a Bay Area start-up and soon started working as a software engineer at Medium.

In December 2018, she landed a  job at Twitter.

There she was in the core services group whose job was to oversee the company’s digital infrastructure.

She specialized in GraphQL, a query language at the heart of Twitter’s application program. Soon enough, Ms. Solomon engaged in lots of public speaking, representing the company in events and conferences.

Her husband, Mike, also a worker at Twitter got permission to work remotely and move to their hometown Portland from San Franciso in October 2020. In 2021, due to her dedication at work, she got promoted to manager. There she was in charge of about 10 engineers.

Elon Musk
Musk vowed to step down as Twitter’s CEO. source: BBC

She said:

“I had a lot of opportunities to grow,” 

Solomon loved the company’s workplace culture and admitted:

“Twitter has always been about open expression,”

“Internally, we’ve always been very vocal. If you have something to say, you never had to worry about repercussions.”

In April, when the Tesla founder announced that he wanted to buy Twitter, Sasha, like thousands of others, Solomon expressed her dissatisfaction with a tweet.

There she posted a photo of a coffee shop with a sign in the window which read that it was closed for a staff meeting.

Ms. Solomon wrote:

“He better not be buying my favorite coffee shop too,”

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