Scientists heave a sigh of relief after Joe Biden’s USA Presidential election win!

Scientists heave a sigh of relief after Joe Biden’s USA Presidential election win!

It was a close tie between Donald Trump and Joe Biden for the Presidential elections in 2020 of the USA. But after Joe Biden’s win, the elite class of the USA and the majority of the people are triumphant. They feel that a nightmare is over. It was indeed a dark phase for the country with Donald Trump in power. But now it is all behind them and they are relieved. And so are the scientists who were unnecessarily and heavily harassed by Donald Trump over COVID-19 and its vaccine!

Donald Trump and the non-scientific phase of the USA

Donald Trump was the 45th President of the USA and after his defeat, the winner Joe Biden became the 46th President of the USA. During Donald’s administration, it was a dark phase for science. Scientists are now relieved that that phase of anti-science is over with Donald Trump’s defeat. The business tycoon had thought that he could reverse anything and contradict anyone with his power of money. But he was not aware that his money could not buy science and facts.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden [Source: LA Times]
His power cannot frighten the scientists though he managed to harass them a lot during his four years in power as the President.

But now that phase is over and Joe Biden, the new President has time and support enough to reverse all the anti-science policies of the previous President. But this task is not easy. He has now inherited a rather divided and fragmented nation and needs to put a lot of things back in order.

Joe Biden and the world scientists

But it is not only the scientists of the USA but also those of the world who are now heaving a collective sigh of relief. Donald had repeatedly undermined science and also scientific institutions. He used to contradict every aspect of the scientific world and give unsubstantiated theories to his countrymen.

Joe will have to sew and stitch a lot of things. It would be an arduous task for him since the nation is now politically polarized thanks to his predecessor. Alto Charo who is a bioethicist at the University of Wisconsin Law School said:

“Our long national nightmare is over,”

Jubilant and Triumphant Joe Biden and his team [Source: Japan Today]
These were previously spoken by President Gerald Ford in 1974 about his predecessor Richard Nixon and his scandal-ridden term.

Alto added:

“I couldn’t say it any better than that.”

Joe will take office on 20 January 2021 and will have to deal with a lot of repairs first. This is because Donald’s many policies were damaging to science, medicine, and public health.

The controversial and unscientific policies during Donald’s reign

Donald comes from a non-scientific background. He has a big ego feelings of revenge and a superiority complex him. This led him to make policies without consulting the relevant people in the field. He refused to be part of countries that are striving to overcome climate change. He had his own non-scientific, inhumane, and unsympathetic approach to the immigration issues ailing the nation. By his policies, he only worsened the situation. Besides, when COVID-19 struck the world, he made such funny and weird comments on it that scientists were stunned.

Scientists happy with the Donald administration end [Source: The Scientists magazine]
He refused to make it mandatory for the country’s citizens to wear masks. He said that hydroxychloroquine is useful for COVID-19 while it has been proven without any doubt that the drug is ineffective in coronavirus cases. Besides, when he contracted the coronavirus, he was discharged from the hospital and isolated against the doctor’s advice. He told people that it was not a big deal and that it would not cause any damage to anyone. And worse of all was when he told the world that the USA would launch a vaccine before November 2020. However, the vaccine was still in the experimental stage with no proper proof of its efficacy or safety.

Pervez Hoodbhoy, a physicist from Islamabad, Pakistan said:

“With Donald Trump out, now instead of dog-eat-dog, maybe we will have a modicum of international cooperation, greater adherence to laws and treaties, more civility in politics across the globe, less ‘fake news’, more smiles and less anger”

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