Seeking for the right gateway for your career, Girls scroll to know which job will be best for your career

Seeking for the right gateway for your career, Girls scroll to know which job will be best for your career

In America, highest paying jobs are somehow different from men to women due to various reasons. Not only in America, it’s is the same condition worldwide. There is the vast difference in the payment between men and women.

Source: (Find a job in USA)
Source: (Find a job in the USA)

According to the details collected by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there is the report of occupation and gender-based difference in income for the same job and same post.

Source: The Huffington Post (Seeking Job)
Source: The Huffington Post (Seeking Job)

In this case, many women are wondering what will be the best job for their proper career gateway. Well’ we have to come up with the solution.

Here is the list of five jobs which are regarded better and highest paid jobs in the U.S for women.

1. Chief executive

Source: The Independent (Women CEO)
Source: The Independent (Women CEO)

In 2016, Chief executive was listed as the highest paid job for females. The annual wages for the post for females was $97,552 with 318,000 CEO’s women working in 2016. However, male CEO’s made 22% more wages with the amount $125,778. There were 832,000 male CEO working in the same year. According to the stock market large index of the large country, there were only 6% CEO’s working.

2. Pharmacist

Source: (Pharmacist)
Source: (Pharmacist)

The pharmacist is the second highest paid job for women with the figure of $95,628 a year and 60% of female hold the job in the U.S. But still as the previous job, men make more with the figure $108,992. The gap in the figure is 12% which is less than U.S. average 18%.

3. Nurse

Source: Nurse (The Nursing Show)
Source: The Nursing Show (Nurse)

The post of Nurse is quite popular among the women. This is the first preference of girls for their career. So, let me tell you the choice is appreciable as it is the third highest paid job. The women engaged in this job make the figure of $91,156. Women comprise a whopping nearly 92%  of all nurse practitioners. So, girls, this is also the right choice.

4. Physicians and Surgeons

Source: The Business Journals ()
Source: The Business Journals (physicians and surgeons)

The data of this job may put you in a dilemma yet it is quite interesting to read also. Going straight to the point, in the case of the male, it is the second highest paid job in the U.S. at this time we are reading about the job for women. Here comes the result it is the fourth highest paid job in the U.S.

Suprised! It’s a fact. Previously, physicians and surgeons fell in no. 8 in the list and there was a huge gap in the money of 37% with the figure of 44,364. Well, from the current analysis there is still some difference but the gap is less i.e. 20,000. Regarding the BLS data, it was the third worst among all the jobs.

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5. Tech jobs

Source: Digitalist Magazine (Tech Jobs)
Source: Digitalist Magazine (Tech Jobs)

Now, here come the last one Tech jobs. I think all you people know about this job. Among all the jobs the highest paying and good job in Tech is computer and information systems managers, software developers and engineers. Between all three, computer and information system manager has the highest representation of women. The paying gap is only 4% which is no less than other jobs. In the case of software developers and engineers, the gap is 16%-17%.

I hope this article will help you out in determining which path will be nice for your career. The above-mentioned jobs are the list of the highest paid job for women. It also shows the gender pay gap in all the jobs.

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