Serena Altschul is in the peak of her career. Know about her family background and childhood as well!

Serena Altschul is in the peak of her career. Know about her family background and childhood as well!

Serena Altschul started her career as a news presenter/reporter in the year 1987, and she also acted in a couple of movies. She is well-known in her professional field as she has contributed so much professionally.

Let us also sneak into her childhood and personal details.

Born and bought up

Serena was born on 13 October 1970, in New York City, the U.S. Her father’s name is Arthur G. Altschul, and her mother’s name is Siri von Reis.

Her father used to work for The New York Times, then later he switched to Wall Street. Her mother is a poet now and she is a Harvard graduate who specialized in ethnobotanist.

Similarly, her ethnicity is mixed(German-Jewish, half-Finnish, and half-Swedish). She spent her childhood on Fifth Avenue.

She has four siblings while growing up: Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and Barnard. She was bought up in a nuclear family but they were very close to her relatives as well.

Her uncle Herbert H. Lehman was a former governor of New York. Her great-grandmother’s name was Hattie Lehman Goodhart.

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Her nature while she was young

Serena was born in a well of a family where she could get whatever she wanted very easily as all her family members were in a very good position.

But as a child, she always wanted to have her own identity. She wanted to achieve everything through her hard work. She did not want to be known as so and so’s daughter or niece.

So, after she completed the Stanford University fellowship, she got her start as an anchor in MTV News Unfiltered in the year 1987. She shortly came to fame and was known as an ”it” girl.

She did a program, Fatal Dose, which is focused on teenagers’ drug abuse problems. Serena experienced and got to know many teenagers suffering from this problem.

She said,

‘I don’t think I’ll ever forget watching these young adults do that to themselves. They wanted to show this audience the horrors of it. This wasn’t a fun day out.”

Went to sign the peace treaty

In 1994, Serena traveled to the Middle East to cover the peace treaty between Israel and Jordan. While she was on her visit to the Middle East, the reporters were given maximum security. Mr. Sirulnick on Serena,

“She had an ease and a manner on television you don’t often find. I felt she was talking to me.”

Switched to CBS

After doing so many TV shows on MTV, she then switched to CBS and CNN. In December 2003, she started her career in CBS as a contributor to CBS Sunday Morning. Prior, in 2002, she hosted CNN’s CNN Presents.

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Her Relationships

Being a journalist herself, she knows how to keep her personal and private life balanced. Not much is known about her affair or relationships. She has been seen with attractive men at parties and events but she never spoke openly about her boyfriend in public.

However, it is known to us that she has gifted his ex-boyfriend, two Dobermans.

Currently, she is in a relationship with Cooper Cox. He is the President of The couple has a baby as well.

We wish her all the best wishes for her further projects.

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Short Bio on Serena Altschul

Serena Altschul is a news reporter. Furthermore, she is also an actress. She is active in this field since the 1990s. Presently, she is a prominent figure in the media as a correspondent for CBS. She is involved in the show, CBS Sunday Morning since 2013. Additionally, she is also popular for working with MTV. She served as the anchor and reporter for MTV News. More Bio…