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What is ‘SethBling’ Samuel Portoff Bligorois (Minecraft Engineer) marital status ? (single, married, in relation or divorce):Single
How many children does ‘SethBling’ Samuel Portoff Bligorois (Minecraft Engineer) have ? (name):None
Is ‘SethBling’ Samuel Portoff Bligorois (Minecraft Engineer) gay ?: No

More about the relationship

‘SethBling’ Samuel Portoff Bligorois is single. There are no details available of his past relationships.

Who is SethBling?

SethBling is the very reclusive American ‘King of Redstone’ in Minecraft videography. SethBling is the official writer of program MarI/O for the artificially intelligent bot, AI, and worked on Microsoft’s Xbox.

SethBling created the interpreter for BASIC programming language and the emulator for the 1977 Atari 2600- the home video game console in Minecraft. He is the innovator of the beloved Super Mario, along with other original and derivative video games and devices without using Minecraft mods.

Additionally, he is the commentator and live streamer for Twitch video. Seth’s Catchphrase is ‘Welcome back, SethBling here!’

SethBling- Birth Age, Early Life

SethBling was born Samuel Portoff Bligorois on April 3, 1987, in Seattle, Washington, U.S. His parents raised him and his brother Jason according to Jewish customs. Jason is a programmer.

Seth’s father is a creator of his own command block of tutorial videos and his handle is McBlingDaddy.

As a child, Seth played Super Mario Bros. 3 when he was five or six- one of his ‘hot’ childhood games. Additionally Seth had the Sega Genesis home video game console and played ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ throughout his holidays.

SethBling still lives in Seattle, Washington, U.S.

SethBling –Education

Seth did his elementary and high school in Seattle, Washington. He wrote MUD during high school and started making videos in high school. Though he did not participate in dramas, Seth was in charge of editing drama clips at the drama club.

Although very much on the network scene, SethBling reluctantly joined YouTube on December 19, 2006, and thus became one of the earliest YouTube users. He did not upload his first video until January 19, 2011 and most them were Minecraft mini-games and such.

Seth had to choose a name for AIM. However, his last name Bligorois was already taken and so he settled with ‘Bling’ and voila, you have the ‘SethBling’- a misnomer!

While still at High School, he programmed his calculator, wrote, and programmed algorithms too. Seth then enrolled at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California- also called Caltech. While at Caltech, he wrote programs in his favorite language, the C# language. In 2012, he graduated from Caltech with a degree in Bachelor of Computer Science.

A genius in the making, Seth scored 1470 out of 1600 in his SAT examinations.

SethBling –Professional Career

Seth started working while still at Caltech. Up until 2012, he worked as a software engineer with Microsoft on Xbox. At Xbox, he worked on the Xbox version of Internet Explorer, and on Xbox SmartGlass- a mobile phone app used to remotely control an Xbox console. Thereafter, he worked at the renowned search-engine Bing for four months.

SethBling used Redstone in Minecraft because he wanted to build a minecart station.

Career Highlights

By profession Seth may have built his fortune on videos, however, he made a career out of ‘Minecraft’.

2011, ‘Duck Hunt’

2012 recreated the 1964 ‘Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots’

2012 ‘Super Pirate Battle Royale’ with FVDisco

2012, FPS Team Fortress 2 with Hypixel

2012, SkyGrid

2013, mechanical bull in Minecraft

2013, recreated the 1981 arcade game ‘Donkey Kong’

2013, ‘Cookie Clicker’

2014, ‘Goat Simulator’ sandbox video game

2014,‘Bejeweled’, ‘Stargate’, and a moving sand wave

2014, ‘Clippy’ the Microsoft Office assistant

2014, BlingPickpocket ‘Bukkit’ plugin

2014, Missile War mini-games with Cubehamster

2014, recreated Microsoft Excel’s functionality

2015, Turf Wars mode

2016, interpreter for BASIC, with keyboard, whiteboard

2016, emulator for the 1977 Atari 2600 console

2016, resource pack for Minecraft Pocket Edition Alpha

2019, released his 1000th video of a genetic evolution simulator datapack.

In June 2015, he wrote the artificial intelligence, AI, program Marl/O that plays Super Mario World. SethBling trained Marl/O to play SMWorld. However, complicated spatial movement hindered its progress. And in November 2017, Seth built a recurrent neural network to play Super Mario Kart. He trained the program, MariFlow how to recover from dead-end situations.

Seth contributes his popularity on YouTube channel to the Minecraft creator, Markus Persson.

Just like Markus Persson who did him good, Seth forwarded the goodness he received in kind to ACTennisAC, another star YouTuber. ACTennisAC accredits his popularity to the Minecraft-centric SethBling who ‘liked’ one of his videos.

On 26 November 2012, fans of SethBling’s Minecraft assembled in Paris for an international Minecraft convention.

Seth has done following guest appearances:

April Fools’ Minecraft 2.0 event

UHC Season 9 and Season 12.

Samuel Portoff Bligorois-Awards, Records Broken, Honor

2011, MineCon Cape Award

2012, MineCon Cape Award – to be redeemed

2013, MineCon Cape Award

2015, MineCon Cape Award – to be redeemed

2015, Minecraft Realms Cape Award – only two have been awarded so far.

World Records

Speedrunning World Record of 42.200 seconds at Super Mario World

‘The Legend of Zelda…’ World Record without using unlockable bonuses

Honor- Disney XD Coach

On 5 December  2015, Seth was the Coach in the ‘Clash of Karts: Mario Kart 8’, an one-hour eSports special feature on Disney XD.

SethBling- Body measurements, Height, Weight

He has brown hair and eyes. His height is 1.72 m and his weight is 66 kg.

SethBling-Net Worth, Earnings

His net worth is US $20.5 million. He earns US $300 K annually. His income accrues form video games, live streams, as a software engineer, and the speedrunner. According to Sam Gutelle, the YouTube ‘super-millionaire SethBling teaches Minecraft’ for a living.

This is the rundown on Seth’s earning for the month of January 2020.

Last 30 Days

+817,841 views, earnings $204 K – $3.3 K

Yearly Estimate

+9,814,092 views, earnings $2.5 K – $39.3K

SethBling-Social Media

SethBling has 7.3 million views on Twitter, 269 K followers on Facebook, his web game channel has 1,048 uploads, 625,343,829 video views, 2.09 subscribers- US stats only.

Among Seth’s entire arsenal of creation and tutorial like the Minecraft Mini-games are sensational. In fact, he kinda’ shrunk the entire Minecraft into a single chest. It consists of SethBling’s Loot table randomizer, Randomize Blocks, Randomize Chest, Randomize Entities, Randomize Gameplay, and videos too. View his arsenal on Twitch, Amazon, Planet Minecraft, and Fasguy among others.

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