15 types of sexuality and its meaning! Which one are you?

15 types of sexuality and its meaning! Which one are you?
Sexuality (Source: Northwell Health)

Sexuality is how a person experiences and expresses themselves sexually. It involves sexual and romantic attraction and your interest in and preference around sexual and romantic relationships and behavior. Similarly, Sexuality can be fluid and change in different situations and over the years.

Likewise, there are types of sexuality:

1) Allosexual: Allosexual is the term for people who experience sexual attraction and is used to differentiate from people who are a-sexual. They experience sexual attraction in the first place so allosexuals can be gay, bisexual, straight, lesbian, etc.

2) Asexual: Asexuals are those who experience little to no interest in sexual attraction. That does not mean they will not engage in sexual activity and also experience romantic attraction. Likewise, orientations of asexuality are:

  • Sex-averse: A person who is entirely disinterested in sex and sexual behavior
  • Sex-favorable: A person who has positive feelings toward sex in some situations
  • Sex-repulsed: A person who is repulsed by sex and sexual behavior
  • Cupiosexual: These people who do not have a sexual attraction but still desire to engage in sexual behavior or have a sexual relationship
  • Libidoist asexual: A person who is asexual and experiences sexual feelings that they can satisfy with masturbation or self-stimulation
  • Graysexual: A person who experiences sexual attraction either infrequently or not very intensely
  • Grayromantic: People who may experience romantic attraction either rarely or not very strongly

3) Bisexual: People who are attracted to both men and women but it has expanded to include people who are romantically or sexually attracted to people or more than one gender.

Picture showing Bisexuality
Picture showing Bisexuality (Source: The New York Times)

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More on the different types of sexuality

4) Autosexual: Autosexuals are people who experience a sexual attraction toward themselves.

5) Bicurious: People who are interested in having a sexual or romantic experience with someone of the same gender.

6) Demisexual: Demisexuals are those who only feel sexual attraction toward a person with whom they have already established a strong emotional bond.

7) Gay: People who only feel sexual attraction toward people of the same gender.

Picture showing Gay people
Picture showing Gay people (Source: The Conversation)

8) Heterosexual: Heterosexuals usually known as ‘straight’ are people who feel sexual and romantic attraction towards people who are of a different gender from their own.

Picture showing Heterosexual people
Picture showing Heterosexual people (Source: Velasco Law Group)

9) Homosexual: Homosexual is people who are emotionally and physically attracted to people of the same gender.

10) Lesbian: Lesbian people are those who feel sexual and romantic attraction to other women.

Picture showing Lesbian couple
Picture showing Lesbian couple (Source: Cleveland Scene)

11) Monosexual: It is a term encompassing all sexual orientations that feel a romantic or sexual attraction toward only one gender.

12) Multisexual: Multisexual is for people who encompass all sexual orientations in which people are attracted to more than one gender.

13) Pansexual: People who feel attraction toward people of all genders and sexes.

14) Queer: Queer people are those whose sexualities are under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella.

15) Sapiosexual: Sapiosexuality means that a person is sexually attracted to highly intelligent people. Both LGBTQ+ people and heterosexual people may identify as sapiosexual.


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